Thursday, July 18, 2019

closer to small claims court option to fight art theft: CASE Act, S 1273, moves to full Senate floor

Today the CASE (Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement) Act passed out of Senate Judiciary committee. Next it moves to the floor to be voted on by the full Senate.

This important step brings us closer than ever to small claims court actions possible for fighting indie art theft!! (photo below from the Graphic Artists Guild Facebook page)
Quote from link below:
"Under the law, when a creator’s work is infringed, the only option they have is to take their copyright infringement case to federal court. But federal court is often far too expensive and complex to navigate for most individual creators and small businesses that own copyrights," said Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid. "What this means is that America’s creators have rights under the law but no practical way to enforce those rights when someone steals from them. The CASE Act will help change that by providing creators with a voluntary, inexpensive, and streamlined alternative to federal court that they can use to protect their creativity and their livelihoods, and in doing so fulfill the purposes of the Constitution."

Read more here:

The Graphic Artists Guild (GAG)
has been advocating for the CASE Act for some time now, and inspiring indie artist/creators to get involved. You can follow their efforts via the GAG Facebook page. 
Here's a post from the GAG Facebook page today:

We are so happy to announce The CASE Act, S 1273, was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee! Thank you to our members — illustrators, designers, artists — and supporters for sending in your emails and letters and for calling. Your grassroots support made this happen.
We gathered with other creators to thank Senator Kennedy for introducing the Bill. Next step: getting the House Judiciary Committee to mark up the House version of the Bill, H.R. 2426. Stay tuned!! 

More blog posts on fighting indie art theft here:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Artists I'd be visiting if I was at SDCC Comic Con 2019 -- UPDATED 7.19.19

Stuart is at SDCC 2019. He's hosting signings with artist Olivier Vatine and others. Details on his website.
The SNB booth has a slightly different layout this year. No grids. Here are two pics Stuart posted of the booth just prior to preview night on Wednesday.

I'm not at SDCC, but if I was, I'd be visiting so many artist pals. BTW, some of these artists had handy pics to access with their booth #s. Some of these I had to find and engineer. Help me. Help you.

Indie Aritst  Alina Chau wins the prize for posting so many helpful ways to find her at SDCC! Table #. Map. Panels!!!

Allison Sohn (and some other guy who seems really nice  ) are at Booth 4607. Ask her about OES!!! 
Cool dark art by Akumu Ink. Super nice indie artists -- won't be there in person, you can find their merch here.
Akumu Ink artists posted update photo 7.19.19-- excellent idea to keep your booth in the feed and mind of fans checking social media while at the show!!
Chris Ayers is proof of the healing power of art, and paying that power forward. Find him at E8.
Learn from the master by watching Madeleine Holly-Rosing work (and I mean work!!!) her small press space. Boston Metaphysical Society. Small Press L-03
Liana Hee at booth 4715 
 Brittney Lee booth 5551
Find indie artist Brett Bean at booth 5553
David's Doodles -- David Colman cool art and merch --- booth 1134
longtime SDCC booth neighbor and SNB colleague John Fleskes, Flesk Publications booth 5019
art life is a family affair for Alvin On and Cheri Ng-Ong. Find their Furry Feline Creations at booth 4435
Super cool enamel pins featured online by Schoolism --  Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedara. Booth 1943.
See KikiDoodle art and Purrmaids at booth 4819. 
Find longtime SNB pals John and Shelley Loter at their distinctive Loter Inc booth -- 3913.
7.18.19 Loter Inc. Facebook page posted this image from their 2019 booth:
Daily update photos keep your booth and art in the feed and thoughts of con attendees. Loter from 7.19.19. "Day 2 @sdcc_2019 was full of rainbows & unicorns 🌈🦄 at the @loterinc booth! Apparel, accessories, art prints and more! Stop by booth #3913!"

Long-time exhibitors at SDCC Comic Con 2019 (and other cons)... UPDATED 7.18.19

Longtime SDCC exhibitors -- some with 20+ years like Stuart. Special props to William Stout who has exhibited at Comic Con since the first show!!!

William Stout (with Stuart at SNB Torrance store Jan 2019) is at booth 4803

John Nevarez -- F3
Bill Robinson -- Booth 4615
Ryan Odagawa -- Artist Alley FF-04. Snaps to Ryan for personalizing this image with his location, some artwork, and his website name. Make these profile pics work for you. Don't make it work for fans to know your full name, location, an image and contact info.
On 7.18.19, Ryan posted this photo below of his artist alley table, with table number visible. Pics like this are super helpful for fans trying to get to artists they want to see. 

Stephen Silver -- H6

So many artist friends at SDCC Comic Con 2019. Shop them all! -- UPDATED 7.18.19

SDCC exclusive Flat Bonnie plush at the Giant Robot booth (1729)
Other Flat Bonnie hand made item at DKE Toys at SDCC
From Flat Bonnie Facebook page:
"Chewbactus are adoptable at DKEToys (booth 2643) at San Diego Comic-Con.
(🚀Flat Millennium Falcon not included - Jawa got it already)

Can't make it to SDCC?
You can email DKE Toys for waitlist! 🤓"
I don't know Gemma Correll personally -- but love her art -- and the way she posts all the places to find her at SDCC...
Christie Shinn (HoraTora Studios) Small Press E-7. She posted several images on social media to promote her location and merch at SDCC! great job!

Publisher/author/podcast host Russell Nohelty at Wannabe Press -- Small Press K3 
Can't be everywhere promoting your booth while at SDCC. Enlist your friends and colleagues. This text and pics shared by Zac Skellington Conley:
"Zac Skellington Conley is with Russell Nohelty in San Diego, California.
1 hr · 
I'm sitting in our car loading these little Bee US
B'S with stories and artwork for you. I was given a bunch of these little USB's by Wannabe Press so I thought I would share that amazing gift with you. I'm leaving these all over San Diego for you to find. If you are at the convention, check out Wannabe Press' booth ----> SP-K3"

Mary Zorilita Bellamy. Small Press N4
Sho Murase -- Artist's Alley HH-21
UPDATE 7-18-19, Sho just announced on social media that she will NOT be at SDCC this year.
Sho is a favorite artist of high profile companies such as DC and Disney. These are not "fan art" images. Sho is part of that tier of professional artists who are hired by these companies to produce works of company-owned characters in the artists own unique style. Sadly... this rights issue is not clearly communicated to customers and fans. 

Benton Jew -- Artist's Alley DD-23 (2 pics below are from his FB page)
Love to see a profile pic like this, with sample image and con location!

(below is Benton's screen credit from WB feature film "Wonder Woman")
Amber Harris Artist's Alley CC-09

Where to find artists who aren't exhibiting at SDCC Comic Con 2019 - Updated 7.18.19

Some artists who can't make it to the show let their fans know they can find their books at the SNB booth. Thanks Brianne Drouhard for this nice shout out and info image.Many artists who exhibit at SDCC don't want to do mail order sales. They let SNB handle sales of their books after conventions. The weeks AFTER comic con are hectic for SNB as they process these con sketchbooks as quickly as possible to get them on the website and make them available to fans worldwide.

Some artists aren't exhibiting, but you can find them at panels or autograph sessions or signings.

Creature designer icon Terryl Whitlatch will be signing at SDCC Comic Con 2019 on Saturday only.
She be signing copies of this new edition of her Katurran Odyssey book on Saturday from 2-2:30 PM  at the Design Studio Press booth (1701)

This note on the book is from Ms. Whitlatch's Facebook page:
 "The Katurran Odyssey (re-release is) completely color remastered. It's a fully illustrated epic tale that takes place on the planet Katurrah, in which there are no humans, but is completely inhabited by's a cinematic novel--the major spreads are in film aspect ratio, and in layout and pacing, bridges the gap between illustration and film--pure conceptual visual design, while the text acts as narration...Hope to see you there!"

 Susan Lee and other women creators were on this lively, timely, and always popular panel.