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Combat art theft -- case studies and taking action

Counterfeit goods are bad business for consumers and creators.

There is an alarming culture of tolerated piracy when it comes to unauthorized commercial use of images on the internet. 

It starts small. Inexperienced artists or vendors "find" an image they line online and then use it for their own products. Often they are ignorant about copyright laws. Education on creative rights is vital for artists and fans.

Art theft extends to larger companies that know better. (ie Society 6... Red Bubble..Shutterstock.. etc). They manufacture goods on demand (t-shirts, prints etc). These companies dodge responsibility for art theft... claiming that due to the volume of images on their site, they can't be responsible for due diligence on the rights of all the images. Or the companies will slightly alter the artist's work -- then refuse to acknowledge that the original artist retains rights to create any derivative work.

These companies will often comply with a cease and desist notice from the artist ... but by then, the damage is done. The artist who created the work has lost credit.. and compensation.. for all those sales racked up by thieves. 

Worst of all.. when national chains rip off indie artists.
National chains will just tell the artist.. go ahead and sue... assuming the artist won't have the resources to fight them..

Here's link with more info on pursuing lawsuits 
Graphic Artists Guild .. "if you want to sue"

How did we get to this point???? 

It's the double-edged sword of the internet.
Online art is easy to share... and easy to steal. 

Copyright protections for artists are under the jurisdiction of federal courts. The power of these courts.. and the laws... are designed to protect creative rights.

At the federal level, everything moves slowly.. and cases are extremely expensive to even file.. not to mention the legal fees required to prosecute. This powerful.. but thorough and expensive system.. is taking steps to adapt. It recognizes the impact of the internet on artists rights...

Learn more about options in the works for the future.. 

check out this 8.17.16 webinar "Small Copyright Claims Court; New Legislation to Help Authors and Creators"
Hosted by The Graphic Artists Guild .. lots of artists rights resources on their site.

Meanwhile, cavalier attitudes towards copyright protections endanger artists. This points to a critical lack of understanding by the public.. and even some artists... about the benefits of copyright enforcement.

What we need is an online community that doesn't just "like" art on all the social media platforms.... but demands respect for artists' creative rights. 

Treating art like it's free for the exploiting... like it's all inter-changeable... like it has no value... undermines the social and commercial contracts that are the foundation of the artist-patron relationship. 

We don't expect other services or entertainment to be provided to us without compensation. Why do people feel entitled to "free" art.

Artists don't post art to be exploited. They post art to connect their work with fans.. with peers.. and with paying jobs. Their posts are a way to reach out to potential clients.. as well as their fans...  and develop a connection. 

If you see art you like... you "like" it.. you start to follow the artist. If you just want "free" art, then the relationship stays at that level. But if you want more.. if you want a commission.. or a print.. or merchandise... be sure you are obtaining it from the source or their licensed partners. 

The internet provides exposure... but exposure alone is worthless.
All the art that gets "liked" ... is the creative WORK of an artist. If the internet can only provide "likes" and "shares"... but no sales, why should any artist continue to post their work? .. and Why can't the internet provide algorithms that source art images back to the creators.. for COMPENSATION!!! All that online "free" art is making money for somebody... why not include the artists... but I digress... 

How can artists and fans combat art theft??? 

For artists: Double down on branding. Put your name on everything. Don't be anonymous. Be bold about your brand. Be proactive about your rights. Reach out to your fans and patrons. Reward them for buying from the artist/source. Educate them about the impact of unauthorized use of images for commercial use by others.... and enlist fans in reporting art theft. Of course, register your copyrights.. and trademarks if applicable. Also educate your fans about WHY you register your rights .. and how these steps protect them as consumers as well as protecting you as the creator.

For Fans: If you "like" online art.
If you enjoy sharing art on social media.
If you want more art.... SUPPORT ARTISTS. 
Know where you art is sourced from. Buy only from artist owned or approved sources. Report art theft.

If you see stolen art being used by third parties to make's a handy phrase to put in the comments section for that item...

"This (mug.. t-shirt.. etc) is unauthorized use of an artist-owned image. You are producing commercial items without permission of the copyright holder."

Be part of the solution. Art theft robs us all of what we cherish -- great art shared from the heart by creative people. 

Artist Lili Chin has worked hard to build her "Doggie Drawings" brand.

She has a huge fan base. Her website is extensive.

Lili is active via DoggieDrawings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She works with companies that license her images for products like personalized Pet ID tags.

Her art is popular with her patrons .... and with internet art thieves.

Imagine her frustration. Create charming art. Do pro bono info-graphics for pet safety education. Donate auction items for animal rescue. Have over 100,000 followers.... and still ... 

See your art get stolen... over.. and OVER.. and OVER AGAIN! All those counterfeit goods.. made from Lili's images... are money she will never see. Not to mention the hours wasted on "wack-a-mole" with fly-by-night counterfeiters... and worse... even national chains!

Lili is fighting back. She has created FREE info-graphics on copyright for artists to use.

Getting these info-graphics in the hands of fans is a great way to raise awareness about these issues.

She is posting about her art theft cases... sharing her story so others can learn.. and getting help from her fans and peers. Below is a sample post from Lili...

Posting again with a photo of my dog.
Dear Doggie Drawings Friends,
I have been finding lots of products (t-shirts, bags, prints, phone cases etc) on the internet with stolen copies of my dog breed designs on them. The copyright infringers download my images, trace them, change a few details, and then re-upload the images under their own name; re-selling or licensing these copies to online shops. So I am finding my images and derivative works being sold on etsy and elsewhere.
When I contact these shops and inform them that they are reselling stolen artwork, some are understanding and remove the artwork. But there are also sellers who get nasty and defensive because they believe they paid for legit artwork or they simply don't care about ethics.
I am trying to track down the copyright infringers and I could use some help. If you see copies of my dog breed images on any image-licensing sites (eg Shutterstock. Yes, I have seen derivative works on there before), please let me know.
Thank you for your continued support and for not putting money in the pockets of thieves. More about my dog breed designs here:
- Lili
Please feel free to reshare this post.

And this .. Lili's blog post on Kohl's case .. a fan alerted her of this egregious theft of her work.. stolen from a pro bono eductional graphic she created .... and another fan started an online petition to call out Kohls...

Don't let Art Theft happen...

Learn from these and other cases.... here are more links...

link for Lili's educational blog post on derivative works....

Eli Halpin post on "do not copy"

photographer's article " This photo is not free"  by John Mueller on

Even more cases of  of art theft by Kohl's...

Bizjournal 2010
Spin 2013
Leagle 2015's%20Department%20Stores,%20Inc

This article calls out other National Chains ....

Clutter Magazine "Good Artists Copy, Great Brands Steal"  article by Marc 8.10.16

So many sample cases! design theft has been going on ... but it's more blatant now with unauthorized use of artist-owned images posted online. 

What's giving me hope.. is the fans who are reporting the thefts to the artists.. and rattling the cash registers of retailers by calling out the case studies via social media. 

Retailers are struggling... brick and mortar store are closing. The retail word knows its future is a hybrid of online sales and in person shopping "experiences." They need to woo the online customers.. and gain their trust. 

Retail chains and online platforms pay attention to social media posts.

Sharing stories that document art theft helps educate artists and customers. 

Artists must stay strong and fight on. Your IP (Intellectual Property) is worth it!

For more case studies on art theft and links to more resources, see my frequently updated post "Copyright Info for Artists"

Friday, August 26, 2016

Where are the other Ripleys??

Artist Karla Ortiz posted this You Tube link and it arrived on my social media radar.
It's an interesting 8 mins from a lecture by Mike Hill.
His analysis is thoughtful... and thought provoking.

Ponder his quote: "Cinema should inspire.. not just technically... but morally."

30 years have passed since "Aliens" -- and the role that set the standard for heroic women protagonists. In the 30 years since.... why can't we name even a handful of female characters that followed her.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Signed books - a service prized by SNB patrons

Signed copies of in-print books is a service Stuart Ng Books provides for patrons.
For several years, I kept a map in the store. It was an adventure to add a push-pin on the map each time we shipped to a new location. The map quickly filled up. Stuart's world-wide mailing list continues to grow. For many of his patrons, Stuart is their only access to books that have been in the hands of the artists that made the illustrations.
Of course, online searches reveal listings for all sorts of books at "loss-leader" discounts. This seems like a benefit to some customers... but it a challenge for indie booksellers to compete with.

Stuart's patrons select to support Stuart -- choosing to buy books from him for the unique benefits he provides.

When Stuart carries in-print books, it's so he can add a service for his customers. He can't match the steep discounts... but discounters can't match what he adds to the books. Patrons value what SNB adds to their book buying experience via Stuart's relationships and access. And of course... mail-orders packed to his exacting standards.

Case in point.... Steph Laberis recently signed Stuart's stock of her two just-released Little Golden Books.

Stuart provided a link on the website (featured here on the blog!) so customers could pre-order copies with two options... just a signature/inscription... or signed book with a color sketch. The prices for these pre-orders. $5 and $10.

Here are samples of the signed books with sketches that went out to some of these mail orders..

Steph signed the remaining copies of these two books .. so right now, all the copies at the store, and available for mail order, have her signature. More about Steph's career.. and more art images... in this July post:

She also signed copies of this Ronald Searle tribute book "Searle in America" ... joining the signatures of other contributing artists for this title.

Below is original pen and ink art of Steph Laberis ... her contribution featured in the book. 

Stuart carries many in-print Little Golden Books that feature artists working in the fields of illustration, animation and comic art. These are the artists Stuart's customers are following.

Little Golden Books have an easy price point for all levels of collectors. The subject matter is charming. They make fun gifts for all ages. These books in Stuart's stock are often signed by the artists.

Stuart's patrons enjoy knowing the artist held the books in their hands.. having that connection to the source that inspires them.

Here are links for 3 of many other signed books -- in a range of price points --  currently in stock:

Art of Inside Out   $95

The Meanwhile Adventures... art by Brian Adjar .. signed with a drawing  $20

Little Golden Book, Disney's Princess and the Frog ... signed by Lorelay Bove $8

Your Guide to Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books 8.25.16

Start here to learn how to use this blog..... You are about to explore SNB adventures from my (Amy's) perspective ... Stuart's website links to this blog, but Stuart does NOT write these posts.

For the latest news on Stuart Ng Books, you can follow SNB on Facebook or Twitter. To receive Stuart's email newsletter (with lots of exclusive offers) use this link from the SNB website:
For info on ordering books, and a website chock full of our extensive inventory, start at the homepage for  SNB:

Welcome to the realm of Bride of Bookseller. The posts are all written by me. This blog exists to educate and entertain by sharing resources that can benefit artists.

It takes talent and commitment to thrive as an indie artist. But it also takes balance and fitness. No one talks to artists about this truth: You have to be well enough.. physically.. mentally..emotionally...financially... to get your work done. At the same time, so many artists struggle with chronic conditions that impact their productivity. No wonder artists are stressed. Many posts on the blog here offer possible solutions.... and celebrate the traits all the best artists share: (button below from Alaska Robotics
Scroll down this "Your Guide" post  and you'll discover background on the blog (SNB and BTS backstory)....
Then these three categories of highlighted posts:

1) POSTS THAT GET UPDATED --- Yoga for Artists; Art and Anxiety - Dance Steps and Resources; Copyright Info for Artists; Podcast Recommendations

2) POSTS OF NOTE -- Angouleme and France; Maleficent; Martin "Marty" Mouse; Indie Art Fairs; Google Doodle Mystery Artists Revealed; Cecil the Lion; Comic Con; Claire Wendling in California; Science Themed Posts; Activities and Attractions near the SNB Store; Horse of Course; Posts from the Most Active Year

3) a)Other Popular Topics; b) Humorous and Historical Posts


For the origin of the SNB logo, see this post:

Stuart Ng Books is very small business in Torrance, CA. Our niche is books on illustration, animation and comic art. Our wonderful, loyal patrons are artists, students and collectors in these fields.
We started in the genteel era of old school hands-on bookselling, and we've weathered the transition to the Online arena. Our bookstore is mostly mail order.  In addition to our website, we sell books at conventions and book fairs.
I say "our" because SNB started as a 2-person operation. We had a book room in the house for inventory. The dining room table was the packing station for mail orders. I was the voice on the phone, processed orders, and schlepped boxes to the post office. But it's called Stuart Ng Books for a reason. Once the books started earning their way and moved out of house and into their own office space, I'm was ready to segue into BTS (behind-the-scenes) mode.
Stuart is a man on a mission. He is always on the job: in constant search for great books and artists. He is known for discovering treasures during his annual trip to France to attend the festival in Angouleme, Europe's largest comic art convention. He doesn't speak or read French; he selects his inventory strictly for the art. He's the visual one. I'm more verbal. I took some French lessons... so now I can try to talk with people there (and order more than a ham and cheese sandwich at the cafes).
When Stuart launched the business full-time in 1997, we had no idea we would become a world-wide resource for books in our field. When I married Stuart... a LONG time ago.. I had no idea I would also be marrying a small business (we didn't meet in business school.... but that's another story). We have exhibited at San Diego Comic Con for 18 years. Where we find ourselves now, all these years later, is a creative and engaging place to be.
Our patrons seek out Stuart at conventions and online. They buy books from him because his "eye" and expertise are a bonus they value. Part of the fun of Stuart Ng Books is how we get to facilitate connections and inspiration. We get to see the artistic process in action. We steward the passing of cherished books from the reference libraries of artists who are masters in their field into the hands and creative spirit of a next generation. I try to remind us of all this on the days when our "What is the Matrix" question haunts us: Can a little book business survive in the internet age? Stay tuned ....
I started my blog in 2008 as a way to share topics I discussed with friends and patrons who visited us at conventions. I also use the blog to share trips to exhibits and shows we attend that artists might find inspiring.
Reoccurring themes on the blog archive include "Get Inspired"... "Your Science Lesson"... "Your Business Lesson," "Con," "POV shot," "Horse Show," "Book Fair"...
See "FAQ," "Stewardship" and "Legacy Books" for posts about bringing YOU the benefits of a devoted rare bookseller in world where mom and pop bookstores are themselves becoming endangered!
HELLO WORLD -- 118 and counting
For a complete list of the 118 countries that have visited the blog, check out this Aug 11, 2011 post: "Hello World.." And one final stat -- as of Oct 2014, the blog has tallied over 100,000 all-time page views.

In 2015 I launched a series of posts to share stretches and restorative options for Artists and others whose work demands long hours of sitting. These simple exercises will help undo the strain on back, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Posts feature stills and video with certified yoga instructor Simone, who gives helpful workshops at the SNB showroom for crew and colleagues. Simone's Facebook page also offers links to online tutorials she finds and recommends:
Here are links for "Yoga for Artists" lessons on the blog:
Introduction -- Art requires Flexibility
Lesson #1 Releases for Shoulders and Upper Back
Lesson #2 - Upper Body Stretches using Chair, Wall and Blocks

I've also started posting links for resources regarding Art and Anxiety (updated 8.25.16... includes tips on how to communicate the value of your work!...

Terrific Tumbler post by (gal artist .. just saying :)  C.Spike Trotman has this gem below and other panels explaining steps to success for indie artist life ....

More "art has value" on this post on how to turn a charity request into a paying job ...

Lots here on the blog for artist health -- physical, emotional, financial....
Graphic above by Patternson Clark...

"PSA on Killer Chairs" post on dangers of too much chair time for anyone with a desk job .. and tips to help fight the effects of damage to posture and hand and wrists


This is a post from July 2014 that I frequently update with new links and case studies of Copyright Protection for images posted online! UPDATED 8.22.16. Lots of resources listed here -- and case studies on unauthorized commerical use of artist owned images for profit by others:
Also see blog post from June 11, 2016 with FREE infographics by Lili Chin on copyright 101
Lili's infographics are available as free downloads on  her link:

Important info on blog post  "Fan Art -- Playground or Minefield." Includes link to video clip of panel on IP. This post on the grey areas of Fan Art is also updated.

In 2015, I started listening to more podcasts. There are many great ones out there. If you "don't have time" for podcasts... or fitness... try planning a time to get up from your chair for a 10 or 15 min walk once a day, and listen to a podcast while your moving around. See if it becomes a happy habit with benefits! Some podcast segments are under 15 mins. Many are about an hour. Listening to a podcast adds a learning opportunity to many activities. Here's a post where I gathered a list of podcasts recommendations, including these 3 top picks.


Each year, Stuart recharges with travel to France to attend the largest Comics festival in Europe. It's held in the city of Angouleme, about 2 hours from Paris. During this trip, we get to reconnect with artist pals and colleagues.. and I often get to document my side trips to museums and other art reference adventures. You can find these France related posts in the February posts of most years on the blog. Here's link for most recent:

Current favorite posts include the 4 posts I wrote in June 2014 for film "Maleficent" .. with 2 detailed posts on the QandA with director Robert Stromberg and Production Designer Dylan Cole that I attended at Gnomon school.

Here are links for the four June posts on Maleficent --
More Maleficent posts in Sept and Oct for the "Once Upon A Dream" book signing including this re-cap of the event

(LtoR, Dylan Cole, Robert Stromberg, Charles Solomon, Don Hahn at Center Stage Gallery for book signing co-hosted by Stuart Ng Books)

March 3, 2015 post on "Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum.
Here's link to LA Times story about the exhibit...
The featured costume for this exhibit was the Maleficent gown from the christening scene.

Internet phenom Marty is the star from Martin "Marty" Mouse facebook page by Photographer Sarah Hunt Her glorious photos of Marty have been featured on Buzzfeed, Cute Overload, etc and bring the charm and comic fun of wee ones to a world-wide audience of over 25,000 + fans.
I'm delighted to escort Marty (in squeeze Marty pillow form -- art designed by Steph Laberis  ) at conventions and on other adventures, documented here on the blog, with links to featured artists and other finds.
Here are the Marty posts
CTNX 2014

Plush art tour pals for 2016
Huggable Koi #10 in France

Plush Art Pals Tour WonderCon

How does art plush happen??? Check out this Kickstarter that surpassed its funding goals and launched its artist/creator to a whole new level  ... 

Your local art fair is a great place to find artists in your own neighborhood. Here in SoCal we have a number of these. I especially enjoy the Patchwork Art Fairs, organized by DearHandmade Life

May 2014 post, also frequently updated, reveals the "mystery artists" behind Google Doodles. This post also includes background info on some of my favorite Google Doodles over the years. March 2016 update has info on annual Google Doodle contest for students K-12th grade.


Image above by Manny Carrasco...
The tragic circumstances with Cecil the lion in 2015 provoked an outpouring of tribute art. I collected some images on this blog post.. as well as articles about conservation efforts.


Six posts .. highlighting SNB booth.. Indie Artist Exhibitors....Pavilions, Toys and the Price of Popularity.. link for podcast on Exhibitor Tips for Artists.... Revisit the show starting with  #1 of 6

Comic Con 2015 Seven Posts in all on topics from SNB Booth to Cosplay .. to Marty Mouse SDCC survival guide.. plus lots of links for commentary and photo albums. Start here for topic titles and links:

The Stuart Ng Books - Claire Wendling connection dates back to 2005. That year, Claire was the featured artist at the annual  Angouleme Festival of Bande Dessinee, the largest comics festival in Europe.
Prior to the 2005 festival, Stuart had discovered Wendling's work via her sketchbook of personal drawings "Desk" (first published in France; current edition published by Stuart Ng Books)....

....and her award-winning art for the Bande Dessinee (or BD) series "Les Lumieres des Amalou" (written by Christophe Gibelin).

Inspired to attend the 2005 festival for the chance to see a career retrospective of her work, and perhaps meet the artist, Stuart embarked on his first-ever trip to France. In fact, it was the first time he had ever traveled outside of the US. Stuart does not speak or read French. Fortunately for all of us, Claire and her charming husband and colleague Christian speak fluent  English.
Even from those first meetings in the city cafes, Claire and Stuart spoke a common language of appreciation: for Claire's unique skills; and for Stuart's ability to bring her visionary talent to an ever-expanding US and worldwide community of peers and fans.
In the years that followed, Stuart's annual trips to Angouleme for the festival also included a visit with Claire and Christian... bringing them news and appreciation from her US fans ... and always talk of a hopeful visit by them to the US.
In 2015, on the 10th anniversary of the Claire Wendling-Stuart Ng connection, Claire was able to accept two long-offered invitations that Stuart had conveyed to her from mutual friends. Claire appeared as a special guest at the  Big Wow comics convention in early April. She accepted an honorary doctorate and speaking engagements at the Academy of Art Universtiy in San Francisco in April and May. Photo below shows Claire and Stuart at Claire's table at Big Wow.
Here on the blog are a series of 6 posts with photos and behind the scenes highlights from this long-awaited return of Claire Wendling to her beloved California ... where she worked for Warner Bros Feature Animation in the 1990s.
Claire Wendling at Big Wow Convention (background post)
Claire Wendling -- Highlights from Big Wow and speaking engagement at Academy of Art University
"animal" art show at Gnomon School (Claire attended and met with several of the artists)
Paul Choy photos from Claire Wendling signing at SNB
Behind the Scenes at Wendling signing and CA visit
Claire Wendling sketching at Big Wow, link to video by John Fleskes


YOUR SCIENCE LESSON.. (Aug 27, 2009) video clip from Musee Curie


(another fun SCIENCE LESSON post -- CHEMICAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION LIBRARY (in PA) and MUSEE CURIE (in Paris) post from Aug 21, 2009)


If you want to visit the SNB showroom -- and your family or S.O. (significant other) wants something to do besides look at books -- here are some links to local attractions:

From SEPT POST 9/5/11: Two "Family Fun" posts about Wilson  Park. See pics of the ballparks, tree house, and more ... also a paved walking trail that's mostly shaded and about a mile long. (As of 10/15, duck pond in pic below fenced and drained due to drought). Still there are lots of amenities.. and if you bring a bag of unsalted peanuts.. chances are you'll make friends with some squirrels!

Here's link to Yelp review of the park.

There are activites for all ages in and around Torrance... so if you want to browse our showroom for awhile and your family doesn't... you can all come to Torrance and do different things! We are minutes away from shops and AMC movies at Del Amo Fashion Mall  A miles north will get you to the South Coast Botanic Garden ..... and we're also close to the Lomita Train Museum

On Saturdays, Wilson Park is home to the Torrance Farmer's Market -- great produce and food booths. Wilson Park is also home to the Southern California Live Steamers Minature Railroad  Ride the trains at the Park every 3rd Saturday!

Even more culture just minutes from our showroom -- The International Printing Museum. This tiny gem hosts an annual printers fair ( -- as well as a Dickens festival (post nov 29, 2010 ) a Ben Franklin b'day celebration (post Jan 6, 2012, and a founding fathers independence day event in July. Check their website for calendar of upcoming presentations:


Why is Stuart Ng Books located in Torrance? One reasons is the proximity to HORSES!!

No, I don't have a horse -- but just a few miles from us is the rural enclave of  Palos Verdes (PV)  -- a thriving equestrian community -- with miles of trails -- lots of riding stables -- all located right on the coast with ideal weather. If you want to sketch horses and equestrian life in a mild, shaded climate there are a number of public parks in PV with rings that riders use to train their horses as well as the various public and private stables in the area. Here are links for two of the public parks:
Ernie Howlett Park (site for annual charity horse show)
Dapplegray Park, Rolling Hills Estates

Every September, a nationally ranked charity horse show, The Portuguese Bend National Horse Show, is held in PV.

Five posts on 2015 horse show... including this one featuring background on artist Terryl Whitlatch (her new book highlighted in the horse show program)

This horse show is a family friendly event with TONS of amenities. -- and an outstanding sketching opportunity for artists. There is a large, shaded, grassy knoll where you can sit for hours and sketch. You can also get quite close to the horses and riders if you want. While many equestrian events in PV are FREE to attend, there is a nominal admission charge for the charity horse show on Sat  & Sun -- because all proceeds for this event are a fundraiser. Admission to the charity show is free on Fridays. The show runs fri - sun on the 1st weekend in Sept.
"HORSE SHOW 2011 - PREVIEWS AND PICS FROM PREVIOUS SHOWS" post from 9-6-11 has some of my favorite action shots of horses and gives you a flavor of this very special event.

The show has been held for almost 60 years by the non-profit PCCH (Peninsula Committee Children's Hospital), an organization that raises money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. More on PCCH here:

For more info on the annual Portuguese Bend National Horse Show -- including date for this year's show and schedule of activities, check out this link to show webpage:

One of the most popular posts on the blog concerns artist Norman Thelwell.

other Equine artists I've highlighted
George Ford Morris
CW Anderson
Post on Horse reference and scale models (including Breyer horses)
Jo Taylor and Lucy Kemp-Welch


 and THE BLACK STALLION (Oct 2010)

2011 was the most active year on the blog. Here are links for some of the most frequently visited posts:

(includes posts on REGIS LOISEL

TERRYL WHITLATCH (This post updated 6/14; added you tube interview with her from Academy of Art University)


ANIMAL ANTICS.... SNB publication of Pres Romanillos sketchbook previewed here on the blog.

A set of three  "FAMILY FUN" POSTS ON ANNUAL MODEL TRAIN SHOW (oct 30th 2011)


ART OF ANIMALS (Aug 2010) exhibit at Forest Lawn in Glendale with links to more images from amazing artwork at this show!


Dream Con is an annual Book Fair for and by the DreamWorks Animation artists. They get to showcase some of their personal projects -- self-published sketchbooks, photography, original art etc. It's held on the DreamWorks animation campus and SNB is the only outside vendor. We are lucky to be invited there every year, as they kindly consider our booth a "perk" they are providing their artists. Always a great day with fun folks at a beautiful setting. Here are links:


"GET INSPIRED - Printers Fair 2014"
also 2015 post


Want to sketch bones??? Check out these three posts on the LA County Museum of Natural History and the Sept 2011 opening of the new Dino Hall:  Link for LA County Museum of Natural History

SNB experiments (like our booth at a Twilight convention Oct 2010.  ); Scenes from our bookscouting trips (Aug 2009 is a good one ); Even a post on the time someone shipped us a book in a used pizza box (Aug 2008 post  . For posts written back when I was "the voice" on the phone at SNB and at the order desk full-time, search "Daily Brew" (2008 - 2010). All this and more lurks here on the blog for you to discover..

Some blog posts highlight the directions that SNB takes me (but not necessarily Stuart)... search the archive posts to find Hoops and Yoyo; Twilight;
Ready for a dance break? Enjoy this music video of band Ok Go w/ agility dogs!
Here's the link for the MSBNC show that featured Stuart: AUGUST 2010 posts additional pics and info on SNB on MSNBC...

FYI notices: 1) Stuart's last name, "Ng", is pronounced like the suffix "ing" in "drawing" or "Wendling." 2) you can email comments or questions directly to me at seahorse310(at) Aloha and thanks for visiting.