Friday, February 27, 2015

MALEFICENT costume featured in Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit POST IN PROGRESS

POST IN PROGRESS  ---If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can see the iconic Angelia Jolie Maleficent costume IN PERSON -- it's part of the "Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" exhibit (through April 25, 2015) a the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum, 919 S. Grand Ave in downtown LA. The exhibit is free -- on-site parking is $5. Here's link to LA Times story about the exhibit...

To help share the wealth of educational material provided at the exhibit, I brought back a few copies of the 15 page, double-sided, black and white xerox booklet, along with brochures and postcards. The xerox booklet has in depth commentary on many of the featured films, with quotes from the designers and descriptions from studio production notes. These are free and available in the Stuart Ng Books showroom. You'll find these and other educational/resource freebies near the checkout area.

From the booklet... "No matter what time period or genre in which the movie is set, there is one underlying thread common to all of them: each article of clothing was carefully researched to best represent the character wearing it, and the feel of the movie in which it is seen." Michael Black, Exhibition  Curator.

Anna Sheppard, 2015 Oscar nominee for Maleficent on designing for the character... " The persona than comes to you straight from this film is Maleficent. The colors I used are similar to the Disney prints from that film. I think Maleficent looks exactly, in the big christening scene, as everyone expect her to be. This is Maleficent from the animated version, just more beautiful."