Saturday, October 19, 2019

LA Printer's Fair 2019 -- Intl Printing Museum

Minutes from the SNB store in Torrance is a So Cal gem -- the  International Printing Museum and it's annual LA Printer's Fair.
It's a family-friendly, hands-on experience to tour this museum (open Saturdays and by appointment). They also offer programs for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to earn 2 merit badges in Printing crafts (Graphic Arts and Pulp and Paper). The docents are all charming to watch as they get young and old to connect with innovations in the printing process that shaped history.

Here are some views of the museum exterior and some of the exhibit space inside.

They have a portable museum on wheels they take to schools etc.
Once a year, the museum hosts the Los Angeles Printer's Fair, sponsored by Kelly Paper.  This is a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind prints and cards of all sorts. The Fair also has activities and terrific food at a food truck and a small cafe.

The 2019 Fair is open 10AM - 4PM Saturday Oct 19th and Sunday Oct 20th.

Since I have pen pals, I'm always looking for fun cards to send them.

This post features some of the cards I got and info on the artists I got them from.

Note all the wonderful BRANDING!!! Put your name on your work, so when it gets shared, new eyes that like it can track you down. Share the story of your art, your process, your passion. Help educate fans that the images they enjoy are the artWORK of a unique individual that they are supporting. Help your artwork help you!

Lace Lit was a particular stand-out in this area. Adding a thank you card with social media contacts to the purchase bag... and inviting patrons to share their purchases on this sites.

 I loved these vinyl stickers!
An assortment of blank cards
 Harry Potter themed stickers...
 and a card cross-promoting a family member's pop culture Podcast! Super!!!

More cards.. and great branding
 Company name, art process info, and hometown location on the back of each card.
Business card with artist  name and contact info.

Back of each card has Artist name and process, as well as website address.

Bag sealed with branded sticker. Since this was a printing fair, the business cards were impressive. This white business card had some serious heft to the paper stock.  
Sample of three blank cards.  
Process, hometown location update, and contact info on the back of each card.

More great branding here. Branded bag. Process, location, and LLC on back of card.

These charming cat cards were sold as a set of ten. 

This artist was away from her table when I got these, but the Printer Fair has excellent volunteers who watch the space and can handle exact change cash transactions. These two cards are single sheets of heavy paper stock prints and feature images with the title of the work and copyright info on the back of the print.

At the museum's info desk, they had a number of items for sale to support the museum. I loved flipping through a box of vintage postcards -- priced to take home a handful at $1/eac.

Each one of the cards at this table was a work of art. They were $8/each, on the high end of the price point for cards at this fair, but something to treasure.

Fantastic vintage images as useful stationary products. I could not resist the seahorse notepad.
Or these mini-sized notebooks with travel poster images.  

I loved the idea that I could give a no-maintenance house plant by sending one of these cards.

My two favorite moments at the Fair this years featured inteactive booths!


Chatting with the staff as I linger over all the beautiful vintage typewriters. Be still my heart. I learned one of the owners is a fan of SNB. Small world!!

They had their own tented booth at the back of the exhibitor area.
So many cool typewriters on display! 
Along with this sign at the booth entrance!

If you want your turn at trying out the laptop of the last century, they will have a booth at this show in February.

Contact info on this double-sided postcard -- I love these.
In fact, I loved them.. and old typewriters.. so much, I left some at the SNB store.

The crown jewel event for me at this year's Printer's Fair...

This table caught my eye because of the vintage typewriter.. and the exhibitor's offer:
A writing challenge!!
A poem about me and/or the topic of my choice for $10.
Best. Investment. Ever!
Either I'm really gabby and transparent, or Bryan Mahoney is a mind-reader, or maybe a bit of both... but while I walked around the rest of the exhibitor area.. and visited the Typewriter tent (featured above) that he told me about... he crafted a poem that really lifted my spirits after a tough week! I needed this and will be forever grateful. While the poem feels really personal to me, I'm sharing it here as an example of his craft and the testimony of a very satisfied client.
He is available for parties and events. It was really fun to see a brief conversation spun like molten glass by a master into a sparkling memento.

The Los Angeles Printer's Fair is a top notch South Bay attraction. Held each October at the International Printing Museum. Don't miss out on your chance to visit this annual event!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Maleficent poster artists credited! October updates

Movie poster art is iconic. But it's not anonymous. There are artists behind each of these images. Let's support them getting credit for their artWORK.

In the internet age, it's more important than ever for fans to appreciate the art images they "like" and "share" are the work of real people who share their passions for film and art.

Sept 13, 2019
The official Facebook page for the Disney Maleficent franchise shared teaser posters for the upcoming film..

First this..
Text from FB page:
"She’s back in black. Check out this IMAX exclusive Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Poster. "

Then this exclusive poster for REALD 3D screenings... But no credit for who created these striking images.

so I left this comment....

Amy Wagner can you please post the name of the artist for this poster!! it's so cool!

Now I'm not saying it was only my comment that started this -- but then this happened!

Sept 18, 2019. Text from FB page.
"Check out the first in a series of 10 exclusive posters inspired by Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by SG Posters. "(Credit !!!!)

and I commented..
Amy Wagner Thank you for the credit for the artist 👍❤️

And I wasn't the only fan noticing the credits and thanking the page.
I will say that if you want to see artists get credit -- then step up and advocate for them. Be the fan voice that says we want to see names for these images. If we "like" the art -- we owe the artists that support.

Sept 23, 2019. Text from FB page...
"This is no fairy tale. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by AJ Frena Illustration. See the film in theaters October 18!" (Credit!!)

Sept 24, 2019. Text from FB page
“You do not know me.” Here is your look at the Dolby Cinema exclusive poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil."

Sept 26, 2019. Text from FB page:
"Evil will reign. Check out the international poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. In theaters October 18!"

Sept 27, 2019. Text from FB page..
"Maleficent is a threat to everyone. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by Andy Fairhurst Art. See the film in theaters October 18!: (Credit!!!)

Oct 9, 2019. Text from FB page.
"Evil will reign. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by Chris Christodoulou. See the film in theaters October 18!"

Oct 13, 2019. Text from FB page:
This is no fairytale. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by Aracely Muñoz.

Oct 14, 2019. Text from FB page:
Maleficent is back. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by Jérémy Pailler. See the film this Friday!

October 17, 2019. Text from FB page:
Darkness returns. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil! Art by Mike Mahle. See the film in theaters tonight!

October 19, 2019. Text from FB page:
Only one can rule. Check out this new poster inspired by Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Art by Chelsea Lowe Illustration. See the film in theaters now!

Visit the Official Maleficent Facebook page for more images and promotional clips for the film.

Please help encourage more pages to give artists credit. Comment on the posts that list the artist's name. Ask for the name of the artist -- and links back to the creators -- when you see images you "like."

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