Saturday, May 23, 2015

Claire Wendling Sketching -- video from Big Wow, Link for John Flesk Vemo clips

While Claire Wendling appeared at the April Big Wow convention -- two film crews shot footage of her while she was sketching.

John Fleskes has just posted his videos of Claire Wendling sketching. These were shot when Claire was set up next to the Stuart Ng Books booth. In the photo below .. John is operating the camera with the tri-pod.

These videos appear on John's Flesk Publications blog .. here is the link for his blog post:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Get Inspired -- Artists rights .. References ... and Missions (UPDATED)

Artist reference material ... and artist rights info... appear frequently on the internet.

My post from July 2014 on "Copyright Info for Artists" lists case studies and resources. Theft of images on the internet is a continuing issue for artists. It occurs often enough that I'm still updating this post with recent stories:
(Stock image below from

Today there was a story about a so-called "artist" stealing images from the internet, blowing them up, and using them in a Gallery show .. without crediting or compensating the source of the material.. It turns out he has made quite a fortune from this practice.Wikipedia covers the 2009 copyright infringement "Cariou v. Prince" case against this same artist. Here is the summary:
The Southern District of New York (SDNY), in March 2011, held that Prince's works were infringing.[2] At that point, the Cariou v. Prince case received significant attention, because the SDNY ordered that Prince's unsold works, and Rizzoli's catalogs, be impounded and destroyed.[1] The SDNY in found that the works were not transformative, in part because Richard Prince did not claim to be "commenting upon" the original works.[2]
Prince, whose works often sell in galleries for many thousands of dollars, appealed to the Second Circuit. The case was of high interest to the art world, which largely favored Prince's position,[3] and to the photographic community, which largely favored Cariou's position.
In April 2013, the Second Circuit reversed the SDNY's decision, finding that most of Prince's works were indeed "transformative" to a "reasonable observer" and therefore fair use.[4] In particular, the Court found that the lower court erred in requiring that the appropriating artist claim to be commenting on the original work, and found works to be transformative if they presented a new aesthetic.[4] The court found 25 of 30 works to be transformative fair use under its standard, and remanded the case to the lower court for reconsideration of 5 of the works under the Second Circuit's new standard.[4]
On March 18, 2014, Cariou and Prince announced that they had settled the case.[1
Here is link for summary:

And this link is for the 2015 situation...

Four more links added to this post on May 24th --- this story keeps getting more coverage!
from the New Yorker 2007--
Art News Oct 2014
New Yorker Sept 2014---
Business Insider May 2015

Just a little online search reveals that this artist has a long history of using other artists work ----There's even a term for it: "rephotographing"
We must all be vigilant about image theft.... these rules are still being made up while we go along in this early era of art on the web. Artists need to be making the rules about this .. and educating patrons and venues.
Image below from Gagosian Gallery:

Sigh... on to better news.

Medical Heritage Library has a Facebook page. This is a great way to learn about vintage, public domain books being made accessible on the internet.

Post on this page today featured this news: One of the Medical Heritage Library's newest contributors is the University of Leeds, which recently added John Marshall's "Anatomy for Artists," published in London in 1878:

Here's a sample image.

Another Medical Heritage Library story illustrates (literally) how many in the medical field often apply their interest in anatomy to other fields of research---
John Collins Warren (1778-1856) was a pioneering American surgeon who performed some of the first experiments with anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1845 and 1846.
He was also fascinated by the fossilized remains of a Mastodon found in New York near the banks of the Hudson River in 1845. Warren performed a meticulous study of the bones and produced this beautifully illustrated volume, "Mastodon Giganteus of North America," in Boston in 1855:

link to books above here:
More info also via the Medical Heritage Library main website :

Another inspiring story today features "paying it forward" project by author Jeff Kinney, creator of "The Wimpy Kid" series ... he's building a bookstore!

Photo below by Charlie Mahoney for the NY Times:

Bookstores are a risky business ... but darn it, isn't everything.

 Quotes and advice and examples are all around us ....

 Ideas are hard to come by ..
 and even harder to live by ..

If you're feeling unsure about your direction in art .. or life ... maybe that's a good time to revisit your mission statement...It's not just good business advice .. it's for your well being... (image below from

Read more about Mission Statements for wellness on this link from the Health and Wellness page of the NY Times -- :

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Behind the Scenes at Wendling visit to SNB May 9, 2015

Claire Wendling lived in the Los Angeles area during her stint at Warner Bros feature animation. She speaks fondly of her love of California .. the sunshine .. the beaches. During her time in California this year, she did get to see some of this...

Though we had some much-needed rain during her stay and the sunshine didn't always cooperate ... Claire brings her own magic to any appearance...While she was taking in the sights at the Pier, she got to see a seal in the surf!....
And she delighted the crowds on hand for her signings. Including this one at the Stuart Ng Books store...
This special day had the full SNB crew on hand --- Mark, Jim, Don, and Amber ..
 .. and we even had Mary back for a day!
SNB pal Paul Choy .. in action below with camera.. got lots of great photos. You can see them on the Stuart Ng Books Facebook  page:
The pictures here on this post were all taken my me..
Many of the visitors that day were artists... and I wasn't surprised to see lots of drawing going on .. and sketchbooks being shared...
 There were some Wendling originals on display ... along with books and prints...

This signing was an all-day affair, which allowed more time to visit with the attendees and also to schedule breaks for the artist. Other signings at venues like convention booths and after a public lecture or panel are more intense affairs. The SNB location in Torrance is just off the freeway between LAX and Long Beach airports ... but it's not a central hub near schools or studios. That's a downside of our site --- but there are benefits too, like the coastal climate and South Bay dining and amenities. The more relaxed pace of a small store signing, with the calmer schedule and the crowd at dispersed throughout the day, was a contrast to the typical signing where folks get funneled through during a tight time slot.
During her short stay in California, Wendling has been able to appear at a varietyof events, meet many fans, and experience different types of signings to compare with her appearances in Europe.

Watching Claire Wendling draw was perhaps the biggest event of her SNB appearances... both at the store and at her table at the Big Wow convention. So amazing to see....

Thank you Claire from all your fans here ....

Monday, May 11, 2015

Paul Choy photos from Claire Wendling SNB signing

I'm working on blog post with pics from Claire Wendling May 9th signing at SNB. ...

Meanwhile ... Stuart Ng Books Facebook page has amazing album of photos from that day.... pics taken by long-time SNB pal Paul Choy.

Here are some samples from this Paul Choy album...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Animal" benefit art exhibition at Gnomon Gallery May 1st - June 12th (UPDATED 5/15)

Got to attend the Friday night May 1st opening for "Animal" -- an art exhibition at Gnomon School Gallery.

This show of animal and creature art will be on view at the Gallery on the Gnomon campus through June 12th. There was also a series of lectures by the featured artists the next day: See the entire list of artists on this link

Gallery proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to the California Wildlife Center.

Enjoyed touring the exhibit and hearing the artists describing their work to colleagues. In photo below, featured artist Terryl Whitlatch is chatting about her work with Claire Wendling. Claire was not part of the show --- she attended the event while she was in town.
Here's a view of some of Terryl's images in the show...
These works below by artist Lauren Austin attracted a lot of attention.

Artwork by Jonathan Kuo was featured on the brochure for the exhibit...
 3-D pieces are by Neville Page

The Gallery is right next to some classroom lab spaces .. Guests were welcome to wander in and see the student artists at work ... on computer

And in the sculpture studio...

This opening was free and open to the public .. and there were a number of leading artists in the crowd, along with artists whose work was included in the exhibit.
 What an amazing opportunity to speak with headliner talent in such an informal setting.
 The featured artist guests and friends asked Claire (far left) to join them in this post-event photo op.
The school has open house events several times a year ... along with Gallery shows and lectures. Can't get to the campus?? They also have DVD courses and on-line options. Never stop learning about your art. It makes everything better.

More info on the Gnomon website:

NEW LINK ADDED 5/15 -- great photos of the exhibit on this link to Manuel Carrasco's blog post for Expedition Art ...