Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stewardship - League of extraordinary gentlemen and ladies vol 1

As I mentioned in the post "hand-selling books in the internet age", we were mentored in bookselling by a coterie of friends who continue to be our colleagues.

There are many book sellers who are part of this group, but we are particularly grateful for these 5 gentlemen and 3 ladies:

Bud Plant (, formerly,
Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr./JVJ Publishing, also "Illustrators" page:
Scott Emerson,
Don Cannon,
Robin Greer http://www.robingreer/.com
Anne Hutchison,
Margaret Mannatt
and Koren Emerson.

These extraordinary friends helped Stuart and I build our own personal libraries when we were their customers. They welcomed us into their ranks when we transitioned from book collectors to dealers over a decade ago.

They answered our questions on all phases of the business, steered patrons to us, introduced us to colleagues, and shared their vast knowledge in all areas of the trade. And they still do today.

I appreciate their friendship and support. If you haven't already discovered these incredible resources, I encourage you to visit their websites and booths at shows.

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