Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Q & A and the Daily Brew 9/14 skunk hunt pics

In the coffee pot for 9/14: Lion Coffee from Hawaii (original blend).

Regret I have been unable to revisit the blog as planned.... I have been trapping skunks!

The house next to ours is a rental, and when the tenants moved out, the crawlspace openings were left open and a bunch of skunks moved in. The landlord lives out of state, so I've had the happy task of evicting the skunks. It's a long story... but the traps have been up for over a week now and the score so far is 4 skunks, 2 possum and 1 raccoon. The traps are humane. The trapping service comes the same day I call to report a trapped animal and they release the animals (hopefully, far away). The little raccoon was the most amusing so far (if only they weren't so destructive). He alternated between trying to open the trap and sitting on his haunches with the biggest pout on his face. The sun was coming up and since his trap was on the east side of the house, I put up a beach umbrella by the cage so he'd be shaded until the trapper came. After that, he looked like all he needed was iced tea on a tray and maybe a magazine and bell to ring if he needed service. It's a good thing I love animals... but I've decided I definitely DON'T love the smell of skunk, and they do spray every time the trapper has to coax them out of the trap and into the carrier. We live in a suburb, which I've now learned is like the Sandals resort chain for wildlife. No predation. Lots of food. Plenty of shelter.... so keep those raised foundations sealed up folks!

I'll be back to more SNB news in the coming days...

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Koren Emerson said...

The racoon is soooooo cute!! I think if he was there longer than a day you would have set up room service and brought his meals on trays and made a little bed for him.