Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books 9/12

Welcome dear readers! For those of you who have been following the blog, you can skip this post. Stuart mentioned the blog on a recent newsletter, so for new readers, here's a bit about what you're getting into:

The mission of this blog is to share the anecdotal information you'd get in person when you visit our showroom or our booth at conventions. The subjects I cover are the topics that come up most frequently when I talk directly with the artists & patrons we serve.

New posts are NOT always in chronological order. Look for them by date & title.

For FAQ and background into SNB (Stuart Ng Books), please see the posts from July 2008. There you'll learn how to pronounce "Ng" and how our Claire Wendling connection was established. I also use subject headings that appear throughout the blog. These titles include "POV shot," "Movie Night", "Get Inspired" "Your Science Lesson"... you can search the blog by these titles to find these posts.

All the opinions expressed here are my own.. and these are my versions of the stories. I am not Stuart and he does not read this blog. See the quotes from David Leopold for more on that :)

Thanks for visiting. Please leave comments. This blog is a forum for you to learn more about us, and for our patrons who can't visit us in person to have some of the SNB experience.

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