Friday, July 30, 2010

Comic Con 2010, artist signings

AUG 14th... I've just added a new post w/ pics of our booth from Comic Con 2010....Visit our showroom in Torrance on WESTERN AVENUE to see the many sketchbooks Stuart hand selected at Comic Con!

Here are some snaps of Stuart with our artist guests... all taken on the same day (Stuart does own other shirts!)...

Here's Stuart w/ Peter de Seve..

... Ciia ....

and Beth Sleven and Mari Inukai.

Artists signing at Stuart Ng Books at this year's con included Peter de Seve, Ciia, Beth Sleven and Mari Inukai. Our signings take place at the booth next to ours; our gracious Comic Con neighbor and colleague Tina Price of Creative Talent Network (CTN) and the Creative Talent Network Expo (CTNX).
Ciia joined us from Paris, hand carrying the stock of her very popular Comix Buro sketchbook to sign, as we had sold out of it months ago. NEWS FLASH.. more copies of her book now in stock (our new French shipment, which was supposed to arrive in time for Comic Con but didn't, has arrived.... check "NEW ARRIVALS" on the SNB website for pics and details).
We have a limited number of signed books by Beth and Mari available now on our website and at the showroom. Peter will be appearing at CTNX in Burbank in November.

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