Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes goes around the globe via horsepower

Back in 2007, at our 1st showroom on Crenshaw, I started the postcard project and our SNB map of the world. (you can search "Map" for these posts). The pins continue to mark all the places we've shipped... but now I'm also adding pins for countries that have viewed the blog...

I've added pins to the world map, and our detail map of Europe.

Blog views from places we have not yet shipped books to include Romania, Nigeria, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Iran. But the blog views also include the even longer list of places already pinned on the map. Too cool! Here's my favorite part: most of the traffic is to check out my two horse-themed posts from last fall!

The most visited posts on the blog are:

Something Different - Secretariat (9-26-10)
POV Shot - Secretariat and the Black Stallion (10-21-10)

Proving the world-wide love for "Big Red" and "the Black."

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