Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome reader! - 26,000 page views & 83 Countries as of Nov 2011

Welcome reader! Here's the corner of our showroom where you'll find my maps of all 50 states and the 83 countries that have visited the blog and/or where we've shipped books around the globe. The world map includes postcards from some of the patrons I got to know when I handled the order desk & shipping (now overseen by Mary)....

This detail map of Europe is in my office... below are the maps above in detail:

The world map w/ postcards:
According to "stats" for the blog as of Nov 10, we now have over 26,000 page views! With the addition of the Vietnam& Myanmar(Burma) on 10/14... Brunei on 10/15...Ecuador & Iceland on 10/17.. Nepal on 10/18, and the island republic of Mauritius off the southeast coast of Africa... on Oct 23, Ghana... Peru & Taiwan on Oct 26th.... Bulgaria on Oct 28th, now 83 countries & counting have visited... What's here for so many to see????
The blog is a service for YOU the online visitor & our patrons; a way to continue the sorts of conversations you would have with us (okay me, but I'll try to make that fun!) if you stopped in at our showroom or booth at a convention......

For example, why so many horse posts? I've often helped artists looking for books on drawing animals and I've been told that even very accomplished artists can find horses particularly challenging to draw. Unlike dogs & cats, not everyone has access to horses. The horse posts are here on the blog to provide reference... and inspire local artists to attend these events and sketch! it turns out, a Sept 26 2010 post about a very special horse brings many of the worldwide visitors here to the blog. Hopefully, they come back again to learn about the artists & other interests featured here.

On Oct 11th... we had a spike in pageviews.... over 1500 that one day... from the Netherlands! Perhaps we were linked to a popular blog there....With that event (and maybe the aftermath), we rocketed to over 24,000 total pageviews.

So if you've arrived here at the blog from the Netherlands... or our Stuart Ng Books website... the blog is here to help YOU get inspired by our world of books you'll find at our convention booths, website and inside our showroom....
When you buy a book online, you're focused on finding exactly what you're looking for, but you miss out on the serendipity of discovering something unexpected! Before the big chains and the internet, there was a wide variety of independent new & used bookstores, each with a unique selection and point of view. You might go to such a store looking for a book, but find yourself dazzled by the aisles and browsing areas "outside the box" of what you were seeking.

All sorts of magic can happen when you are open to discovering something you weren't looking for.

There are posts here on horses.. science museums... France (see pics from our visits to Angouleme; the musee d'Orsay; the Marie Curie museum).. and of course, Comic con and other conventions....)These topics bring a wider audience to the blog. While the Stuart Ng Books website is our niche, my blog is a chance for you to create a "browse & discover" experience here for yourself.

Most photos on the blog will enlarge if you click on them. Here are some fun dog books we have in stock... I pulled these titles from various places in the store just for you to see! Interested in a subject matter? Leave a comment and I'll see what we have in stock (books on Golf? Fish? Costume?.. yep we have them; but they aren't sorted by subject on the website; we sort by artist or category).
Scroll down to click on "older posts" or click on post on archive list for post on Tim Burton show at LACMA (NOW CLOSED .. last day was Oct 31st)
.... more to see on "older posts" or archive: Norman Thelwell...
3 posts on the Empty Saddle Club Western Horse show.... (photo below only looks like a Thelwell pony... he's really a miniature horse!)
And 9 posts on Charity Horse Show Sept 9th -11th. Enjoy!

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