Monday, November 10, 2014

TEN - A Magical Art Collection by 10 Fabulous Females

Attended opening of this art show held at the Animation Guild in Burbank. The show runs through Nov 30th.

Here are some highlights from the opening .. quite crowd there enjoying photo ops of the work on display and for sale ...
"Magic Circle" by Brianne Drouhard
 and other works by Brianne .... she gets amazing watercolor-esque results from using markers!
Some fun Hawaiian themed titles on work by Jessica Kreig Hendron
The science-themed images by Liz Climo show up on a lot of my favorite science sites on the web ...

works by Kelley Frisby and Daisy Church  on this wall...
 Here's a closer look at Daisy's "Death on a Pale Horse"
A whimsical travel story plays out in these images by Stephanie Oliveri..
all the art is in one room, so the show is cozy to view, adjacent to the lobby of the animation guild.

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