Friday, January 1, 2016

Get Inspired, the art of Alejandro Mogollo, Kendra Bean, and the coffee mug collection

Art helps us see familiar things a new way....Sometimes things you're interested in seem unrelated.. until you realize the connections are there.. 

Two things I really love:
Vivien Leigh
Here's how I ended up with all these coffee mugs.... art by Alejandro Mogollo
Here is link for the mugs: 

More of Alejandro's art on Pintrest:

It started with this photo of author Kendra Bean..
and this post from Kendra....
A couple days ago I posted a link to an interview Tanguy did with graphic artist Alejandro Mogollo Art.Just wanted to let you guys know that I ordered a tea mug from his online shop and I LOVE it! Such a nice design and fast shipping, too! If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for GWTW or Vivien Leigh fans, check this out:
Of course, I clicked on the link.. and once I saw all the mugs, I went a little crazy. More on that in a minute..
I first learned about this artist in an interview 'Drawing Vivien Leigh" It's a terrific read, where artist Alejandro discusses his background, how he discovered GWTW and Leigh.. and the challenges in capturing her unique beauty:

This appeared on a blog I follow.

The blog is written by Kendra Bean, an extraordinary and generous young scholar. Photo below shows Kendra with the famous blue dress portrait of Scarlett from GWTW.. this portrait is now part of the collection at the Margaret Mitchell House museum in Atlanta, GA
Kendra is one of the leading authorities today on one of my all-time icons, actress Vivien Leigh...

Kendra's book "Vivien Leigh: an Intimate Portrait"
is a great example of her scholarship.. and chock full of photos!

I have LOTS of coffee mugs. Why so many?? I'm inspired by images, but I ran out of wall space for prints and pictures eons ago. Coffee mugs are something I use every day.. and the images on them are a way to bring the sparkle of a special image or artist to my work space.

I don't just grab any mug in the morning. I choose with care. Something about the image speaks to my journey that day... the image there sets the tone.. or evokes a feeling.. or reminds me of the place or person that brought the mug into my collection.

Do I think too much about coffee?? Maybe... but being mindful about something routine and simple also makes me want to be mindful about other things that I need to be thinking about.

It all takes PRACTICE.. sad, but true. But that's how we get better. Keep trying.

Or at least have a cup of coffee and reflect on things...

Here are other mugs with art I enjoy...
(yes, I get a lot of them from Society of 6 . but I wait for the sales and/or "no shipping charge" specials :)
art by Anna-Maria Jung
link for mugs:
Corgi mug by Lili Chin, Doggie Drawings
Doggie Drawings website:

"Amazing Sherlock" mug by Sunli Chen
 Marty Mouse photo mugs by Sarah Hunt, Marty Mouse House
Illustrated Marty Mug "Travel Adventures" by artist Nadya Bonten-Slenders, Nadyart Illustrations
more on artist Nadya featured on Bored Panda
and here
Marty in business attire
art by Steph Laberis
Martin "Marty" Mouse House photos by Sarah Hunt has a following of over 20,000 on Facebook. Her pics featured on Buzzfeed, Hello Giggles, Bored Panda and more. Also on Instgram. Full info on Marty Mouse website:
I'm also a longtime fan of  (coffee loving) Hallmark characters Hoops and Yoyo.
 Scarlett mug.. art from GTWT and Squirrel Town mug .. both gifts..
 Various versions of these mugs over the years from Island Heritage in Hawaii, featuring the "hula Honeys" design....
Here are 2 favorites...
These two mugs are similar..
but not exactly the same.....
All the little details in the on these mugs are playful and full of Aloha spirit!

"Typo" is a chain of stationary stores, based in Australia. There are only FOUR Typo brick and mortar stores in the US. One of them is located at Del Amo Mall in Torrance .. only a few miles from Stuart Ng Books store...
 So many fun and witty science and coffee themed items!!! But their inventory turns over so fast. If you see something you like... Grab it!

Coffee .. it's more than a beverage... it's a way to share art!

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