Monday, March 21, 2016

Make the most of sales in Artists Alley -- link with tips

With WonderCon approaching .... more tips for artists. It's a lot of work to make art... and the work isn't over when the images are done. Make the most of the time and money you invest in exhibiting. "3 Costly Mistakes That Sabotage Sales in Artists Alley" is a 2012 post by Lora Innes on the website.

Batman image by Bruce Timm.
Lora's post explores three topics for artist exhibitors...

1) slow down... don't over invest in too much merchandise
2) Engage the customer.... your art sales will improve when YOU make the most of your time at your table
3) Have realistic expectations.. this is a great quote: We put too much pressure on ourselves too fast, and expect the entire world to open up to us the first time we make an effort. Life seldom works this way.

Be sure to read the comments section that follows Lora's post... lots of tales from the trenches.

Here's the link:

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