Friday, June 10, 2016

Art has value --- don't just "like"artists. Partner with them. UPDATE 9.1.17

Online art is not "free" -- it is owned by creators. It's not enough for fans to "like" online art and share it. Fans need to support the artists who post it. Online art gives fans access to art and creators. It's a two way connection ....(art below by C Spike Trotman)... See more of her comic about life as an indie artist here:
These simple truths need to be embraced by those who are enjoying online content. The trick is, how to raise awareness about the injustice of art that is undervalued ... even stolen for commmerical use by third parties .. when the culture of social media is doing so little to prevent it.  (art below by Mark Alison)
Two excellent resources arrived on my radar ... one in anger .. one in hope...


Author Sarah Madison picks apart the arguments of those who want enjoy creative content without supporting it....

Read her rebuttals here in her post "Dear Broke Reader, Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me"

She's writing in response to others who were defending so called "pirate" sites. She identifies and dissects the three basic arguments of the pirate allies:

1) "I'm broke and I can't afford to pay for my entertainment"
2) "Creative works should be free -- the purpose of creativity is to tell stories and share them, and there shouldn't be a monetary component to the process."
3) "Writers (artists) already make enough money"

Sarah's replies are thoughtful ... and good tools for other artists who are being ripped off.

PEPPER AND CARROT (Patreon page)

Artist David Revoy takes the educational route...
He has an online comic, Pepper and Carrot. He uses Patreon to connect with his fans and get financial support for the content he provides.
The "philosophy" page of his website explains in text and illustrations why he uses Patreon. He even challenges his followers to help him change the comics industry.
He also provides a link to the Creative Commons website, for more info on use of the attribution license.

Think fans and users don't need to know about license agreements and fair use of content??? Think again. The more we all know about the rights of artists... the better the situation is for everyone.

You can view Revoy's "philosophy" page here:

Take a look at these resources.
Artists have a right to be angry.
Fans have a responsibility to creators. Nurture what you love.

UPDATE 9.1.17
Leftycartoon image by Barry Deutsch and A. Wallace. Look at the margins.
This artist combines his post of "free" art with information on Patreon and an invitation to join.
Every image posted is an opportunity. Get fans involved. The art they enjoy brings value to their social media experience. Help them realize it's worth investing in.

More on art and value:

More on copyright info for artists, with case studies about unauthorized use of art:

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