Sunday, September 18, 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 UPDATED 9.26.16

Had a one-day visit at Long Beach Comic Con.
Always glad to catch up with artist pals, but for this con, I was attending to see some panels.
Two of the panels I attended were recorded for The Business of Art podcast. Here'a a link for the podcast. I will update with specific links to the panels when they are available.

UPDATE 9.26.16 --- Link for panel podcast: 310 tips to help you crush it on Kickstarter

Enjoyed hearing panelists (and exhibitors) Russell Nohelty, Wannabe Press
Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Boston Metaphysical Society
Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press
among others.

Attending panels was an early reason I started going to cons. Now that I can attend more of them again, I'm reminded of the value panels add to your convention badge.

Panels provide insight into the career paths of artists and their current interests.
Learning about life as an artist-entrepreneur includes topics you'll find on panels. Plus... panelists are often also exhibiting at the convention.

Here are other highlights from this year's Long Beach Comic Con.
Lobby and ticket area...

Artist Alley was centrally located in the Exhibit Hall..
An early stop was to catch up with artist friend Morghan Gill.
She is launching her first Kickstarter soon for an art book. See more of her art, and get updates on her Kickstarter here:

And speaking of Kickstarter... picked up most recent book from artist Jeff Victor (photo courtesy of Jeff)
Artist pal Brett Bean was a draw
.. and busy drawing.. all day. In photo below he's chatting with girl scouts.
Girl scouts were a common sight at this con due to Girl Scout workshops as special programming! 
There was a featured table for Women of STEM at the popular annual attraction at this con.. the
Space Expo

This young Alien cosplayer got a lot of attention near the Space Expo.
Other family friendly attractions... laser tag..
And Video games...

More views around the Exhibit Floor...

Delightful cosplay of characters Otto and Victoria from artist Brian Kesinger
So much Press coverage at comic conventions these days...
Outdoor photo ops are always popular
Here are two of several cars with film and TV themes parked just outside the convention center for photos...

Caricature booths have become popular. In part I think for the opportunity for tired attendees to sit in a chair for a break from their wanderings...
Here's a booth always worth visiting...
Hero Initiative charity....

Long Beach Comic Con program cover.
Exhibit Hall floor plan. 
Dates for next years Long Beach shows... 

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