Friday, November 11, 2016

Free safety pins at SNB store and SNB space at CTNX -- UPDATED 11.14

Safety pins are a sewing and quilting tool. Sewing is a way to join, fasten or repair something. Safety pins have become a symbol...
There's a hashag (#safteypins)...

The safety-pin-as-symbol trend was launched in June 2016, by a woman named Allison... an American living in the UK. She proposed the idea via a tweet on her Twitter account
Here are the tweets that started it all:

I'd like to come up with something that can be made by anybody anywhere to pin on their jacket or coat to signify that they are an ally.
I quite like the idea of just putting a safety pin, empty of anything else, on your coat. A literal SAFETY pin! ( miss pommery 1926 (@cheeahs) June 26, 2016)

Her recent tweets encourage new adopters to honor the pledge that comes with the symbol
is a promise to advocate. don't you dare break it.
 (UPDATE -- sadly, the account seems to have been deactivated)

More press on the Safety Pin symbol...
Huffington Post


There is even a Star Wars connection now...

There is also is also a Safety Pin hashtag "#Kidslitsafetypins" ... where the focus is signaling a safe haven from bullies... with art like this on Twitter
 Matt Tavares:
 LeUyen Pham:

Elise Gravel
Alina Chau
More kids lit safety art images on this link:
This link has list of 13 kids books with the theme of Empathy

The Safety Pin as solidarity traces back to Brexit... and the search for calm, low-key ways to show strong support for those who feel they are at risk.
Hollywood Reporter

Artist Maeril illustrates calm, low-key support action steps in her infographic that has became a viral sensation. It was inspired as a way to counter Islamophobia... but the techniques work for many types of intimidation. Here's the FB link for Maeril and on Tumblr
more on the infographic, and a video... at this Buzzfeed link:

There has confusion about the symbol... and attempts to co-opt it... Issues that are well addressed in this blog post Here's an excerpt:

" When someone is wearing a safety pin, the bigots are forced to acknowledge that the person does not hold the same prejudices. More people wearing safety pins = less comfort and sense of safety for bigots. In this way people can use their privilege to disrupt bigotry..... research supports the idea that these small steps are important building blocks for future activism".

A safety pin is just part of a larger conversation we are all part of. If you are wondering why someone is wearing a safety pin... ask.

A safety pin has become a symbol -- for community, tolerance, and support.
If you need one ... I have placed a container of them at the entrance of the SNB Torrance store. They are FREE!
We will also have FREE safety pins at the Parlor Room 131 location for Stuart Ng Books during CTNX (Nov 17 - 20th).

If you are feeling unraveled... look for the safety pins. 
They are shining armor.. and sometimes come attached to real-life knights...
Empowering equally
(image below by Ari Marmell and Claudio Pozas)
We are stronger together. And we are all together going forward. 
Use this time to practice, practice, practice being calm. Be the otter. Otters make everything better.
(photo below by Bill Margol)

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