Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brianne Drouhard signing June 2011

On June 25th we hosted a signing with one of my favorite artists, Brianne Drouhard, for her first book: Billie the Unicorn.

Here you can see the lovely bookplate (in frame) she offers as a special gift to those who purchase their copy at Stuart Ng Books:

Brianne signed and did sketches for patrons who had placed mail orders, as well as those who could attend the signing in person.

I've been a proud fan of Brianne and her work since she left a sample copy of her sketchbook at our booth at SDCC years ago. We've watched her career grow since then.. from recent grad of CalArts... to animator.. character designer... storyboard artist... and now author/illustrator. Her work can be seen in shows such as Teen Titans, Batman: Brave & the Bold, and Transformers: Animated. She had an enthusatic crowd at the signing.

Here's a special sample of her work..... an inscribed book to a fellow artist ... as well as the Billie bookplate and promotional postcard.

Brianne also spoke on two panels at SDCC 2011!

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