Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SNB booth at SDCC 2011

Here are some views of our 5 booth space.... 50 feet of books at booth # 5012. That's 7 tons of materials folks... books, fixtures (those black grids weigh a ton), supplies... even comfy chairs for our temporary staff. Who works the booth??? Our usual crew of Stuart, Mary and Peggy. Yours truly.... the rest is our gang of bookseller friends and some volunteers! We are a small, hands-on boutique business... don't be fooled by the big spread here. It's a labor of love to serve our artist patrons... and we aren't getting any younger kids ;

This is the EXIT ONLY area....

This pics are during the pre-show set up....

Here's the entrance to the booth and our bag check space:

This is what the crowds look like inside the booth during show hours

We had various show specials this year.... a few specially priced items we offered all 4 days of the show, and this table of slighted dented or damaged books that we offered on Sunday.

And this is a a glimpse of tear down...and our amazing crew of pals! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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