Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift of Inspiration - Julia Lundman

Artist Julia Lundman's blog has an inspiring focus: she writes posts that share her learning and creative process. Read more on her blog about classes she takes! Her posts are full of details and pictures --- really amazing stuff!
Her Oct 31 , 2011 post on her blog, demonstrates her process for a sculpt of "Bowie the Greyhound".

Her photos show her process... from the model, to armature..
and the sculpture (in process here.. finished on the blog)....

If you don't have a studio.. you can still grab some clay at a craft store and see how studying your own pets can illuminate your drawing process. Try it! Here's a great quote from Julia:

The truth is, I am not really a sculptor. I am a two dimensional artist studying the 3rd dimension, sculpture. In the 3 years since I have been learning about sculpting with my friends each Thursday, I have found that the practice aids my understanding of depicting nature in two dimensions greatly. My mind is better able to process how form turns and how light falls on those forms far better than if I hadn't.


Julia Lundman said...

Thank you so very much for featuring me on this honorable blog! :))

I hope to see you all soon at Angouleme! :)


amy w said...

Hi Julia! Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, Stuart and I will both be at Angouleme 2012. Look forward to seeing you. a