Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift of Inspiration - Terryl Whitlatch holiday bonus!

Artist Terryl Whitlatch is well-known for her creature designs and her book "Animals Real & Imagined." The posts here about her book signing at Stuart Ng Books, and her recent appearance as a guest artist at CTNX, are some of the most frequently viewed pages on the blog. Terryl has kindly forwarded this finished version of her CTNX demo drawing to share via the blog with her worldwide fans. Be sure to click on image above to enlarge; lots of details to enjoy.. and ponder the creative decision behind each choice. Happy holidays, and thanks Terryl!
Here's a quote from Terryl about her inspiration process for this work:

" It was a lot of fun doing the Peggysaurus for the drawing demo down there (at CTNX). I think that the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct is because, at least in the Drapersaurus’s case, they drank too much, smoked too much, ran around with females they weren’t married to, and stayed up way too late."

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