Monday, April 21, 2014

WonderCon 2014 - Costume Party --- post 3 of 3 on con

One of the great joys of a con is the cosplay community. I don't know much about this realm of fandom, but I certainly admire the creativity and commitment that goes into becoming a live performance of a beloved character. What's particularly charming is the way the costume invites interaction with the other attendees. Wear a striking costume -- or just dress up as a fan fav character -- and folks will address you by the character's name, ask kindly for a photo op, share chit chat, and go on to the next adventure. From what I've observed ... it all starts with inspiration.... (meow --- zah :)

From there, many opt to construct their own costume (these range from casual attempts to feature film "screen-ready" in detail). And of course there are vendors to assist the transformation with everything from props and wigs to elaborate replicas ....

Many of the costumed attendees gather outside the main entrance of the convention center for photo ops -- so you don't even have to pay the con admission fee to enjoy the experience. Many also roam the lobby --- and you need roaming room in some of these get-ups -- to enjoy interacting with fans and colleagues. Here's just a sampling of some of my favorites:
Elf girl power rocks! Tauriel and Merida...

Flash and Wonder Woman look fit and smashing in red!

Unexpected Disney paring of baskets and blasters.... Aurora and Leia

Sidekicks represent --- this was an outstanding young trooper Russell (with Doug the dog)

This Ripley has bonded with baby aliens....

 and this attendee came in plainclothes .. but with a lively rattie sidekick (puppeted by his companion)

Superheroes abound ...

but you can expect the unexpected as well..

Some other favorites I saw but didn't get photos of:
Guy Slave Leia w/ companion gal Boba Fett; Steampunk Boba Fett; Bumblebee with lights flashing and powered by a segway.
One of the longest lines everyday at the con was the mandatory weapons check....

Not sure how this Wolfman passed ... but his companion certainly got a lot of attention (sorry for the blurry action shot).

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