Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WonderCon 2014 -- Flat Bonnie, Artists Alley, Observations -- UPDATED Apr 25

For over twenty years, I've been attending conventions. Why? Because it's a treasure hunt. A great con will have a VARIETY of offerings ... and many attendees remarked about the range of offerings at WonderCon. It's not just movie and TV stuff --- there are many individual artists presenting their own unique items -- from sketches and prints -- to apparel and accessories. While I've long ago completed my phase as an active collector, I still enjoy finding a booth or artist where the work works its charms on me. A real find at this show was a booth for FLAT BONNIE. Exceptional handmade plush wonders by Japanese designer Yukari ... also buttons, jewelry, cards and other items from their Etsy shop. Yukari was at the booth, along with Rick who does the animation for the website.

Snaps for Flat Bonnie and their mission of  charm with a cause --- a portion of their sales is donated to bunny/animal rescue organizations, and part of their message is raising awareness of abandoned animals. What got me to stop --- and even COME BACK -- to the booth was the design of the characters, especially Batbun and the Sugar Glider. The booth caught the eye of many attendees...

The plush toys are labor intensive, so production is limited. They sold out of the tigers, but could show me the last example of another popular offering, this sloth (who they think got a boost in interest due to a post on Instagram). Learn more about them at www.flatbonnie.com

Like the lively vibe throughout the exhibit hall... Artist's Alley at WonderCon hummed along with the buzz of connections being forged and discoveries being made....Here's a peek down one of the aisles..

And an example of a table ... one of my fav artists, the lovely Sho Murase chats with a colleague...

See more of her work, like this killer Maleficent, at Shomurase.com

Another popular Artist's Alley table featured Katie Cook. Love how this pic looks like she's got a heart-inspired thought balloon hovering overhead. Why is she feeling the love for her famous little portraits and sketches???
 Possibly because of the long line of patient patrons waiting for their commission....

Here's a sample of her work from her website katiecandraw.com

Of course stopped by to see SNB's own Amber Harris at her table.

Many of you know Amber from her variety of roles as part of the SNB crew -- she interacts with our patrons by manning our booths at shows and processing your phone and mail orders. But that's just her part-time "day job." Her real work was on display at her table in Artist's Alley....

Pictured on her table above is her sketchbook "Mixed." -- which we are also pleased to offer on our website and in our store.

And where does one carry all the treasures as they gather on their journey across the convention floor ... why, a Stuart Ng Books Tote bag of course :)

WonderCon offers many little spots to recharge ---

Best of all .. there is some space in the aisles ....

and quick and easy access to fresh air outdoors ... as well as dining options and parking. Did I mention Disneyland is practically across the street???

Hotels are plush and pedestrian adjacent --- no trek across a gridlocked intersection. This convention center really is an oasis.

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