Sunday, February 22, 2015

Angouleme 2015 -- Calvin and Hobbes exhibit UPDATED 2/24 with link to more photos

Highlight of Angouleme festival this year was exhibit of original Calvin and Hobbes artwork by the reclusive Bill Watterson...... What a treat to see the watercolors .. and the amount of white-out he used on the strips!

Perfection is a goal. Practice is what makes perfect possible .. but perfection is an illusion. Persistence, mistakes, inspiration, commitment .. that's what's real.

Here's link to recent brief interview with Watterson, featuring his Angouleme award...

here's an excerpt: BILL WATTERSON wasn’t aware he’d been nominated. Shoot, until he Googled it, the cartoonist didn’t even know the award existed.
His syndicate, though, called him with the news early this year: France’s esteemed Angoul√™me International Comic Art Festival had just named the “Calvin and Hobbes” creator as recipient of its Grand Prix award for lifetime achievement — a prize that usually includes serving as event president the following year. Apparently, in a fashion that’s delightfully French, the festival bestows the typically obligation-laden honor without asking in advance whether you’ll accept the concomitant duties, from jurying to appearances.
“People started talking about all the obligations that went with the prize, so I thought the whole thing was bananas,” Watterson tells The Post’s Comic Riffs in his only American interview about the honor, “but Angoul√™me assured me there were no strings attached and they’d work with whatever I’d be willing to do.
“Drawing the poster sounded fun, so I agreed to do that,” notes Watterson... 
Also fun ... seeing all this art ... enjoy!

More photos of the exhibit on this tumblr link ....

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