Sunday, April 12, 2015

CTN Animation Road Trip 2015

Artists and artwork perfectly showcased at this weekend-long event "CTN Animation Road Trip" in Burbank.

Only have a few pics for this post because my camera battery gave out... sigh..

Kudos to Tina Price and crew at Creative Talent Network for organizing this event to showcase local artists. The expanse of tents was a testimony to the amount of talent in So Cal ... and so wonderful to see them getting exposure to the general public in this festive atmosphere. Of course, Tina also arrange for picture-perfect "chamber of commerce" weather --- lovely spring temps (with a welcome slight breeze, that could get a bit mischievous with all the paper and artwork on display).

The event also including panels and programming ..
 as well as free artist-focused events like this live-model drawing workshop

The Stuart Ng Books booth was highlighted by original art by three members of our intrepid crew: Amber Harris, Jim Raya, and Mark Okui. Yes -- we not only sell art books, we employ artists with a slightly-related day job:)

Most of the booths at the road trip were for individual artists.. but there were also schools and associated trades on hand. Such a great opportunity to learn more about artists and nearby resources..

Some small original paintings on display and for sale at the booth for LAAFA (Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art). Here you can see Stuart discussing some of the images with LAAFA instructor, Animation Road Trip exhibitor and long-time SNB pal, artist Craig Elliott.

These pieces were perfect examples of  suitable originals for this type venue --- easy-to-transport scale and very friendly price-points -- ideal for collectors just getting started with taking that leap from prints to originals.
The LAAFA table also had friendly folks to share the flyers and info about upcoming classes -- offered on-line and on campus in Lake Balboa. Check out more options here:

I enjoyed tagging along with Stuart while he visited some booths .. and also catching up with some of our artist pals, like John and Shelley Loter at Loter Inc.
Here's a pic of their road trip booth (photo featured on their Facebook page)

And I enjoyed striking out on my own... looking around as always for that up and coming artist who catches my eye ...

This time, it was the work of Samantha C George.

Her sketches of girl-friendly subjects like horses, kittens, bunnies, puppies .. oh, and the dragons... worked their magic on me. Best of all.. she provides an outstanding example of making the most of her "smalls" .. those buttons and cards that are great to have for sale at events like this. Samantha does a gold-star job of getting those same small items to WORK FOR HER!!! Her buttons were giveaways with various designs available. Each one PROMINENTLY displays her contact info and website. Brilliant!!! Each of her cards also  contains a mini-business card with an additional image and all contact info.

BEST JOB EVER~!~~ She's set the example I'll be sharing with other artists in my travels. I buy lots of buttons and like to share them and give them away if folks respond to the image. I've started using a sharpie to write the artists name on the backs of the buttons. Help me help you get your name and art out there. Use your smalls to help make big dreams grow :) See more of Samantha's images on Instagram

So inspiring to see all the artist-exhibitors at these types of smaller events -- showing the COURAGE to come out and display their art .. learning from the artists and opportunities around them....and getting experience on the sales and marketing side of their trade!!! Thanks again to CTN for providing this vital venue for artists in our local community.

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