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Get Inspired --- "Boston Metaphysical Society," Steampunk comic by Madeleine Holly-Rosing UPDATED 7.9.16

Discovering new artists and projects can happen all sorts of ways ... I recently found both via "Physics Today" Facebook page.  The "Physics Today" page posts birthday bios about scientists and lots of cool high-end science stuff made accessible to the general public, thanks to the page authors: online editor Charles Day; online manager Paul Guinnessy; and website production assistant Greg Stasiewicz. Learn more here:

Charles attends various comics conventions .. and in a post about Wondercon 2015 he included a link to his online article ....

This quote from Charles' article launched my quest ... it had me at "BETH"

Two years ago at Comic-Con I bumped into Madeleine Holly-Rosing, author of the steampunk webcomic Boston Metaphysical Society. At that point, the comic's first chapter had just been published. It introduced the story’s existential threat: the Shifter, an evil being from a parallel dimension, who terrorizes late 19th-century Boston. Also introduced are the three main protagonists: former Pinkerton detective Samuel Hunter, medium and spirit photographer Caitlin O’Sullivan, and scientist Granville Woods. In later chapters, the trio is joined in the fight against the Shifter by BETH, a group made up of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Harry Houdini. I was happy to learn from Holly-Rosing that her webcomic is doing well.

Looked around online and delighted to learn that Madeleine was a fellow exhibitor at Big Wow convention. Here's Madeleine at her table at the show...
Early as possible once the show opened, I raced to find her and to scoop up all the "Boston Metaphysical Society" wares. She had copies of all 5 issues of the comic ... plus buttons and stickers...
 Covers for issues 1 and 2
issues 3 and 4..
issue 5
Close up of the informational postcard...

Madeleine found and hired her collaborators on the comic .... Art by Emily Hu. Coloring by Gloria Caeli and Fahrize Kamaputra; Lettering by Troy Peteri

and there is a terrific story behind the scenes of how the entire project came together. Discover the details on her website:

and follow posts and updates on her  Facebook page

Best discovery yet was learning that she gives workshops on how to use Kickstarter! Can't wait to take one of these so I can learn the lingo .. and get tips on how to avoid "first timer" mistakes. What a great way to pay-forward for other artists and projects just getting started!

Here's link for recent example of her workshops... held at a comic shop in Culver City, CA

Go gal power!
UPDATE 7.9.16
Madeleine and her latest books profiled in this Author Spotlight feature on Book Lemur page..

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