Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CTNX 2015 -- Huggable Koi and Marty Mouse's Wimbley Tour the Show

Always a pleasure to highlight work by artist pals... escorting plush art at cons.
At CTNX 2015 .. with its theme of "one-of-a-kind" .. exemplified by Huggable Koi #10... ambassador for one-of-a-kind quilted plush art by Bonnie Robinson Stewart

Also in the company of Squeeze Wimbley... from the crew of Milo, Wimbley and Fibbs at Marty Mouse House. The Martin Marty Mouse Facebook page has over 22,000 followers.. thanks to photos by Sarah Hunt.

Art on the pillow "squeeze" versions of Marty cast of characters
 is from the genius of artist Steph Laberis...

Plush pals made the tour on Sunday...

Bright signs helped everyone...

Wimbley loved the big map outside the main hall..
And catching up inside the hall with squeeze pillow art creator Steph Laberis..

The night before on Saturday evening.. Steph was a finalist at the first-ever Cintiq Showdown. For this contest, pairs of dueling artists drew impromptu sketch-challenge art from random phrases related to "Alice in Wonderland." The showdown was moderated by  Bobby Chiu. Judges were Kei Acedera, Iain McCaig and Terryl Whitlatch. Twelve finalist were chosen and dueled their way to the grand prize ... A brand new 27" inch Cintiq tablet.

And the winner.... Brianne Drouhard!
author and artist of Harpy Gee
Huggable Koi enjoy making new friends... and finding places to perch...
Doing both with friends at the table of artist Karen Krajenbrink
 (on left with Wimbley) Karen's table featured her new book "Fox and Boots"
Karen's table featured her new book "Fox and Boots" 
Koi #10 felt safely camouflaged on a table with flyers and post cards.
Koi #10 and Wimbley visit with artists Kaley Bales (left)
and Lily Williams
Lily does lovely sealife art .. with an education theme.. and a top notch, sturdy tote bag highlighting endangered sharks...

Koi #10 didn't feel like a fish out of water with so much fun art around... though he did enjoy frequent stops at the water station!

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