Saturday, May 21, 2016

Advice from Eric Goldberg.. and sketching inspiration from SciShow: Great Minds

In this clip from a recent appearance at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International ... Master animator Eric Goldberg shares some advice for young animators. He begins by saying it's not about sound bites.... and goes on to describe the importance of things like observation... and the willingness to do the impossible when others are telling  you not to...

Learning about history and famous people is an excellent way to practice sketching memorable characters.....

Animation has often played a role in making learning more engaging... and it works for older audiences as well as school kids.

The internet is home to vibrant new educational films.... "SciShow" is one channel that popped up on my radar.
This You Tube channel launched in 2011 and and now has over 3 million subscribers.

In less than 10 minutes.. the witty writing and crisp visual style turns a talking head mini-lecture into an illuminating presentation in their series: Great Minds.

Puppets... graphics... vintage photos ... seem simple... but watch how effectively they are used to impart a lot of complicated science....
You can also learn more about the show .. and how they do what they do.. via their Patreon page:

Simple is hard..... see if these videos inspire you to try your hand at observing closely... and trying to share in engaging sketches or storyboards some interesting facts about inspiring people...

Check out some of  these SciShow Great Minds videos...


Marie Curie

Mary Anning

 Alan Turing

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