Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animators profiled.. ones to watch, and on their journeys

Up and coming animators are making their efforts count .. and making names for themselves and their art... across many media platforms.

Fun to see these spotlights intersect this week...

On Variety.com.... a gallery of "10 animators to watch in 2016"
This article by Variety staff combines character sketches (both drawn and written) for:
Frank Abney; Adrian Molina; Alyce Tzue; Carl Faruolo; Fletcher Moules; Ian Jones-Quartey; Kevin Parry; Makoto Shinkai; Nina Gantz; Seth Boyden

One artist from this gallery... Alyce Tzue ....

... was also recently interviewed on the podcast "The Animated Journey"

This podcast by Angela Entzminger features interviews with animation professionals. These lively conversations cover important topics for students and fans .. touching on the animator's background.. early inspirations... career entry and progression ... as well as tips from the trenches. I especially appreciate how often these interviews explore animation (or any career) as part of a life journey, but not the only path.

And a bonus bit of good news.... This 5.2.16 LA Times article about Once Upon a Time --  an indie bookstore success story

Quotes from the story...

(store owner Maureen) Palacios said her store provides important moments that connect children with their favorite authors. She had her own such moment in eighth grade, when Ray Bradbury visited her school."I think that's important to get kids to remember and to have a memorable experience," Palacios said, "because it happened to me.".....
Once Upon a Time still has its place in the community, Palacios said. It employs high school students, gives them their first jobs. Famous authors leave their autographs in the storage room.

The experience, according to Palacios, is personalized and personal.
"We like to find the right book for you at the right time," she said — and it's a big part of what sets Once Upon a Time apart from the Amazons of the world.
"Amazon is a data collector. They don't care about a story. I sell stories. I sell dreams. They sell data," Palacios said. "I have the better lot in life."

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