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Comic Con 2016 #2 of 6 Indie Artist exhibitors --- UPDATED

THIS POST IN PROGRESS -- More links and photos coming
Indie Artists can be found throughout Comic Con 2016!
They have booths in the General Exhibits area.. Small Press.. and of course..
The rows of tables in Artists' Alley are a cozy place to catch up with artists you follow. Also to wander around to find new talent.. or talent that is new to you. Below is photo of Artists' Alley when the convention is closed for the day...
During open hours for the con, the famous SDCC Artists Alley looks like this...
There are all sorts of pressures in this space.. the location at the far end of the hall.. pressed against a wall of Hall H.. and the close proximity of other exhibitors... but there are ways to make it work..

The artists highlighted on this post had record sales to old and new fans... check out their table set-ups for great display tips

Karen had two vertical banners behind her table.. one was just to hang information on pricing. What a great idea! Make the banner once. Customize it for different events.
Hot sellers for Karen included these pins ... of her original characters Fox and Boots...
And these limited edition Science pins.
Back of the card has artist contact info.. and fun science facts!
It's been a long-time dream of Karen's to have her art for sale at a museum or aquarium! Items like these seem a perfect fit for gift shops at those venues. Marketing at a huge show like Comic Con is a place where many retailers and distributors look for unique items. Here's wishing Karen lots of good karma!
 See these pins and other items at Karen's online store:

Here is Sho's table during set-up
And here she is surrounded by fans..
You ca see from these photos.. I walked by several times during the convention..
But I only got to talk with her on the very last day. She reported she SOLD OUT of many items.

Banner and table space at Artists' Alley..(Photo courtesy of Thomas Perkins)
Thomas was drawing original sketches inside his new book "If..."  (Photo courtesy of Thomas Perkins)
Thomas' book on display at the SNB store..(Link for book coming soon)

There is always an immense line for Katie Cook at Comic Con! She's known for many things, but has a special place in fan hearts for doing charming on-the-spot pet portraits from photo reference.

Steampunk comic by author Madeleine Holly-Rosing. (photo courtesy of Madeleine)


Action shot below of the always busy booth of artist Brittney Lee. She's popular with fans and a highly regarded visual development artist at Disney. Her business card lists these three contacts:
Her books are high demand items at SNB...Currently in stock are her Disney related childrens books. Here's just one...
My purchases included these bird-themed prints and pins...

Longtime fan of her thoughtful humor. It was a real treat to finally meet her!

Photo I found online shows Gemma (l) below with Tuesday Brassen (r) .. They shared a table at Comic Con!
Bought books.. buttons.. and so many fun magnets!!!

Artists are all magical people... but Liana raises the barre (pun intended) in the special sparkle department. She's a trained ballet dancer .. a photographer... with an exquisite sense of fashion and great personal style. And of course.. a great artist. (photo below by Juan Hernandez, courtesy of Liana Hee)
2016 a special Comic Con for her as she was debuting her first-ever hard cover book "Mini Mermies"

My copy below.. along with special print from Liana (incentive for early supporters of the book :)
Stuart has the book for sale now too! (LINK coming soon)
Liana's "Mini Mermies" book is imbued with all the charm of the artist behind it. She shares oodles of mermaid portraits...and also all sorts of insights into her process creating them

This book is so special.. I hope to do an entire post about it soon!

She shares her journey as an artist ... important to see that it's not just talent.. but practice and time to achieve her level of work.
 You also glimpse her discoveries....and how she incorporates them...
Below are more individual mini prints I bought from Liana... these will be gifts to some Pen Pals!

Emmy winning instructor... and fab friend of SNB.

He painted the lovely portrait used for this salute for the 100th b'day of Forrest J. Ackerman. The scholar who coined "Sci Fi"... and a true gentleman in every sense.

Longtime SNB pals have a stand-out booth of original art designs. 
If you've ever been to King's Fish House restaurant in San Diego.. you've seen their witty sea creature designs on the cocktail napkins ... and the kids menu activity book!
More photos of their booth.. and NEW ITEMS from them.. on this post:

Always a treat to buy some new greeting cards from Nidhi!

Indie artist --- check out her maximizing table space with portfolio to flip through.. banner.. and vertical displays! (photo courtesy of Christie Shinn)

Publisher, author, and host of "The Business of Art" podcast.
In recent podcast episodes.. host Russell Nohelty takes you behind the scenes.. and into the books and financials... of exhibiting at Comic Con! The podcast seeks to de-mystify businesses practices for artists. Interviews from seasoned artists and entrepreneurs provide lots of vital info for self-employed creators.

Source of one of my all-time favorite buttons...

Best known for her cosplay cat illustrations...

After Comic Con closes on the last day.. the crowd leaves.. more work starts for the artist-exhibitors.
They have to break down their exhibit space and haul it out all on their own with wheeled carts or suitcases. 

Once the artists are out.... 
the Freeman crews move in to move all the tables and chairs..
And pull up the carpet!Rolled up... wrapped up...

until next year.. (or see more of Comic Con 2016 in the 5 other posts on the blog)

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