Thursday, July 14, 2016

Get Inspired -- Steph Laberis UPDATED 8.2 w BOTH LINKS!

Steph Laberis is character design artist and illustrator, working in games, TV, films and books. Her career has launched to new heights this year.... but like most "overnight success" stories.... she's moving up the professional ladder because of years of persistent effort.

Steph's career is ramping up with career milestone assignments... such as illustrating for the iconic "Little Golden Books" series.

Both of the Steph Laberis illustrated Little Golden Books below are in stock NOW at Stuart Ng Books. 
For a limited time.. you can pre-order signed copies. There's even an option to add an original sketch!!

Here is LINK for the "Sharks" book with the signing option:

Here's the link for  "GRUMPY CAT" BOOK with the signing option:
Some interior pages from the Sharks book..

So much to study even in these few images... lots more in the book. Shapes. Choices. Colors. Details. Compositions. Layers of information.

Steph's art has achieved a highly regarded status -- other artists... and artist resource sites... are looking to her work for inspiration.

Here are two recent interviews with her....

Character Design References (CDR) is based in Ireland.

Here's more about CRD from the "about" page of their website:
Character Design References™ (CDR) is an independent webzine dedicated to sequential, illustrative and concept art from animation, games and comics. CDR is also the home of the ''Character Design Challenge!'' (CDChallenge), the largest community of character designers on the Internet. 

CDR recently posted this interview with Steph Laberis.

Outlaw Kritters is a line of animal inspired art and jewelry from the husband and wife team of Mary Spencer and Jon Wattson.

Outlaw Kritters exhibited at the first "CatCon LA"in June 2105.. and were featured in my blog post on that event.

The Outlaw Kritters website has an "Animal Inspiration" blog, where they highlight artists with inspiring work and stories.  Steph Laberis was interviewed for their June 21, 2016 post

 Study Steph's art for great lessons in shapes... color ... anatomy.. character... and style!

Here's a book w/ Steph Laberis art in stock at SNB

"Searle In America" is an exhibition catalog from 2013
"A 96-page full-color catalog of the exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum, featuring 50 pieces of Ronald Searle's original artwork for reportage assignments in the United States.
44 pages are devoted to Searle tribute artwork, created by some of today’s top animators and illustrators."

The book includes this work titled "Fancy Rat" by Steph Laberis.. reproduced as a full page, along with Steph's description of her working process and the subject matter.

You can find more Steph Laberis art here:
Facebook page:
Online Store:

And oh yes.. she is the designer of the "Martin Marty Mouse" character pillows, often featured here on the blog.
"Marty" is an art project with a following of over 25,000 fans... the work of photographer Sarah Hunt.

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