Monday, August 8, 2016

Signed books - a service prized by SNB patrons

Signed copies of in-print books is a service Stuart Ng Books provides for patrons.
For several years, I kept a map in the store. It was an adventure to add a push-pin on the map each time we shipped to a new location. The map quickly filled up. Stuart's world-wide mailing list continues to grow. For many of his patrons, Stuart is their only access to books that have been in the hands of the artists that made the illustrations.
Of course, online searches reveal listings for all sorts of books at "loss-leader" discounts. This seems like a benefit to some customers... but it a challenge for indie booksellers to compete with.

Stuart's patrons select to support Stuart -- choosing to buy books from him for the unique benefits he provides.

When Stuart carries in-print books, it's so he can add a service for his customers. He can't match the steep discounts... but discounters can't match what he adds to the books. Patrons value what SNB adds to their book buying experience via Stuart's relationships and access. And of course... mail-orders packed to his exacting standards.

Case in point.... Steph Laberis recently signed Stuart's stock of her two just-released Little Golden Books.

Stuart provided a link on the website (featured here on the blog!) so customers could pre-order copies with two options... just a signature/inscription... or signed book with a color sketch. The prices for these pre-orders. $5 and $10.

Here are samples of the signed books with sketches that went out to some of these mail orders..

Steph signed the remaining copies of these two books .. so right now, all the copies at the store, and available for mail order, have her signature. More about Steph's career.. and more art images... in this July post:

She also signed copies of this Ronald Searle tribute book "Searle in America" ... joining the signatures of other contributing artists for this title.

Below is original pen and ink art of Steph Laberis ... her contribution featured in the book. 

Stuart carries many in-print Little Golden Books that feature artists working in the fields of illustration, animation and comic art. These are the artists Stuart's customers are following.

Little Golden Books have an easy price point for all levels of collectors. The subject matter is charming. They make fun gifts for all ages. These books in Stuart's stock are often signed by the artists.

Stuart's patrons enjoy knowing the artist held the books in their hands.. having that connection to the source that inspires them.

Here are links for 3 of many other signed books -- in a range of price points --  currently in stock:

Art of Inside Out   $95

The Meanwhile Adventures... art by Brian Adjar .. signed with a drawing  $20

Little Golden Book, Disney's Princess and the Frog ... signed by Lorelay Bove $8

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