Friday, October 21, 2016

Smithsonian Kickstarter to Conserve Ruby Slippers! UPDATED!

Kickstarter isn't just for indie artists. Institutions are using the platform to connect with fans.

Check out this Kickstarter project to raise $300 K and conserve a film icon... Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz!

UPDATE 10.25.16 --- Funding goal reached in less than a week. Now the campaign has added a stretch goal to conserve another iconic OZ item!

Best of all... .the Smithsonian's Kickstarter includes epic reward levels.

Yes, some have hefty price tags, but all donations are welcome.

This Kickstarter's home page is a good example of the winning tips shared by Kickstarter experts Madeline Holly-Rosing

and Russell Nohelty

1) excellent video
2) a compelling call to action
3) Story behind the project
4) budget
5) reward tiers
6) risks and challenges/fine print

Kickstarter is a community. Generally, it's recommended that you have some credibility with the community prior to launching your page. You build credibility by backing other Kickstarter projects. The Smithsonian doesn't seem to have done that part... but they make up for it by being the Smithsonian :)
Don't miss out on your chance to donate to this Kickstarter project! Who wouldn't want to say they help conserve a great film icon for future generations.
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