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Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, post 1 of 2 -- artists and around the show

2016 was the 6th year the show now titled "Stan Lee's LA Comic Con."  It was previously known as  "Comikaze"... and according to banners at the event, and info inside the show program, the show still retains that name. In fact, the official title seems to be "Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, a Comikaze Expo."

So if you know it as Comikaze... Stan Lee's Comic Con.. or LA Comic Con... it's grown into quite an event!

It runs Friday afternoon through Sunday. I attended on Saturday.. and about 30 mins before the show opened at 9AM, there was a line of attendees that wrapped around the building.
I heard a radio report about the con and traffic around the convention center on the AM news channel in my car on the way in. And there were news crews stationed to report on all the sights...
Here's a peek at the official show program...

 And the floor plan...
Right outside the convention center, there was a popular row of food trucks...
Inside the hall.. the huge lobby was a popular spot for photo ops with the many cosplayers attending
Therapy animal companions got their photo ops too!
At the far end of the hall, there was a large booth for celebs signing at "The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum" tables. Their replica of this prop from Aliens had a line of fans waiting to climb in for pics

Online Deviant Art had their own section...
Providing tables (and giving back to) some of the most followed artists on this site.
I got to meet Emily known for her original creation "Stupid Fox"
Her work is a fantastic example of the power of building a brand around original art! Loved the variety of items she offers.
And check out this tote bag! Zippered top... with interior zippered pocket.. and a flat, gusseted bottom. Sturdy fabric and long handles. This one's a keeper!!

The exhibitor floor had WIDE aisles.. thank goodness. As the crowd grew as the day progressed.
Always good to see artists I know from other venues too. Artist Mark at Human Tree Robot exhibits at Patchwork Shows as well as comic conventions...
Pic below of artist Jeff Victor
is typical of how I saw many artists at this show... busy with customers! That means not much down time at artist tables to socialize. That's the best problem to have at a convention!
Artist Jillian Altmeyer of Squidbrains..
had her wildly successful Kickstarter funded plush at her table
She is doing a great job branding her art.. and promoting fan participation with this little invitation to share via social media...
PLUS!!! She adds awareness about artist rights and copyright protections. Fans are on the front lines for notifying artists about unauthorized use of images. Empower your fans by teaching them about copyright protections!

More about Art Theft and how artists and fans can fight it:

Cover of coloring book.

Inside front cover and sample interior page...
Back cover has artists name and web address. She also makes a popular line of enamel pins!
 The lovely art of Elsa Chang always catches my eye...
 but I didn't find out until later that she has a corgi button pin! She'll be set up at CTNX, so I'll get to visit again
Meanwhile, I did some early holiday shopping at her table...
Got to attend 3 great panels at this con. Here's an image from "The Business of Art Presents" Build You Audience Even If You Don't Have a Product" hosted by Russell Nohelty

Panelists (L to R) Bryant Dillon (Fanbase Press), Lynly Forrest (Hexcomix), Russell Nohelty (Wannabe Press), Neo Edmund (author), Joie Brown (artist), Mom (artist)
You can find panels like this on The Business of Art podcast. Russell does a great job moderating these panels... so much value for the audience! And he reminds the audience to visit the panelists booths and tables. Always a good policy if you've enjoyed a panel -- support the speaker/guest who added to your entertainment and/or education.

It was great to see her in person.. and find some fun items at her table!
I loved the story behind this challenge art comic...front cover..
back cover.. great branding and promotion.. 
Interior with the challenge explained! 
Images attract.. but often it's the STORY of an artist that builds a fan base!
Note the note from the Copyright Unicorn!! 
Creative team of HexComix...At their table. Terrific signage and excellent merchandise displays!
Could not resist these Star Wars themed cat buttons!
If the crowd was any indication.. this show will continue to grow!

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