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Artist Empowerment --- Copyright Survey and Webinar

Copyright Ownership 101 infographic --- by artist Lili Chin. Available as a free download

Two important notices this month on Copyright law ...
both from the Graphic Artists Guild.https://graphicartistsguild.org/

NOTICE # 1) .... 
The US Copyright Office is reaching out to creatives for input on filling post of "Register of Copyrights"... this is an actual position, not to be confused with "register copyrights" which is something all creatives should be doing.

Here's a summary from the Advocacy Liaison at the Graphic Artists Guild:

We Need Your Voice on the next Register of Copyrights

Posted by Advocacy Liaison on December 30, 2016

Copyright Office logoThe Graphic Artists Guild needs the help of all visual artists, and all creators and copyright holders.
Here’s the deal: as you probably know, this October, the Librarian of Congress removed Maria Pallante, the Register of Copyrights, from her position. This move was unprecedented, and is a blow to the creative community. Throughout her tenure as Register of Copyrights, Pallante demonstrated her willingness to listen to the concerns of creatives, and her interest in revisiting copyright law and modernizing the Copyright Office so that it can better serve rights holders and users.
Now the Librarian of Congress has taken a second unprecedented move. Instead of conferring with members of Congress and stakeholders, she’s decided to post a Survey Monkey poll, asking the general public to weigh in on the “knowledge, skills, and abilities” the new Register should possess, and what the top three priorities should be.
- See more at: https://graphicartistsguild.org/news/we-need-your-voice-on-the-next-register-of-copyrights#sthash.qL3njcxK.dpuf

That's right --- the US Copyright Office is counting on public feedback via a Survey Monkey Poll to help determine the "knowledge, skills and abilities" the new Register should possess.

Seriously???  A Survey Monkey Poll???

At least they are listening.

All creatives should take this opportunity to fill out the survey and communicate to the US Copyright office that Copyright protections are vital to indie artists and need stronger enforcement in the internet age. The survey is only two pages long, but you can attach additional comments. Artists -- share your personal stories of art theft! These stories have impact. So many artists have suffered financial loss due to unauthorized commercial use of their online art.

Here's a link for the survey:  https://www.research.net/r/RegisterOfCopyrightsNR

From the Graphic Artists Guild page:

Please share this message with your fellow creatives on social media, on your blogs, via email, etc. The Library is soliciting responses until January 31st. Let’s make sure our voice isn’t drowned out! #mycopyrightmatters #yourcopyrightmatters - See more at: https://graphicartistsguild.org/news/we-need-your-voice-on-the-next-register-of-copyrights#sthash.qL3njcxK.dpuf

Read the entire page on the Graphic Aritsts Guild website for links and more details.

NOTICE #2)....
Graphic Artists Guild is hosting this "Copyright and Comics" Webinar on Wednesday January 18th

Copyrights & Comics

Presented by Mark Monlux & Daniel Abraham

Learn about Contracts, Copyrights and the basics of Fair Use for comics from  Artist, Mark Monlux and Attorney, Daniel Abraham of

January 18, 2017
2 PM ET, 1 PM CT, 12 PM MT, 11 AM PT
1 hour + Q&A

About the Presenters

Mark Monlux, Illustrator
Mark Monlux is an award winning illustrator and cartoonist. Freelancing since 1985, the bulk of his work has been in the adverting and publishing world, his work in recent years has turned to various aspects of Graphic Facilitation; Ideation Illustration, Cartoon Reporter, Sketchnoter, and Whiteboard Animation. He has a national reputation for his knowledge on copyright law, contracts, good trade practice, and business ethics. He cofounded The C.L.A.W. The Cartoonists’ League of Absurd Washingtonians, served on the Guild’s National & Executive Committees of the Graphic Artist Guild for several years. He is also a member of the National Cartoonists Society and Cartoonists Northwest. He is currently producing a series of “Law & Artist” videos with Daniel Abraham.
Daniel Abraham, Attorney at Law
A former professional illustrator, Daniel Abraham has served the creative community as a copyright attorney for 25 years. As the Graphic Artists Guild's Vice President for National Affairs, he successfully advocated to change US and California tax laws to benefit artists, and has submitted testimony to Congress, the Copyright Office, and two state legislatures. Abraham has taught copyrights and contracts at Parsons School of Design, and teaches now at FIT. He has lectured on legal issues for creative professionals at schools and conferences nationwide.  Currently, he and illustrator Mark Monlux appear in the “Law & Artist” blog series, discussing legal issues in the arts.
About the Webinar
This webinar will cover the basics of copyrights that cartoonists and graphic novelists need to know: copyright basics, where to register, why to register. 
Attendees will walk away with a basic understanding of:
1) Types of contracts and contract terms cartoonists will encounter (such as “work-for-hire”)
2) Copyright issues with collaborative work (who owns what)
3) And the basics of fair use and fan art.
- See more at: https://graphicartistsguild.org/webinars/copyrights-comix#sthash.7VvddJG9.dpuf

Sign up for this webinar..... the $45 fee is an investment in protecting your rights. Hear from experts and other artists impacting by copyright issues.

Webinar will be appx. 1 hour long:

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"Intro to Copyright" from Tools and Resource page of Graphic Artists Guild website.

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