Saturday, January 14, 2017

Interview with Michel Keck -- the personal price of art theft

Link below is for an article by Gina Tron on This is a heartbreaking look at the amount of work it takes an artist to fight art theft.

The link includes a 6 min. You Tube video by the artist. She lays out the time consuming process of trying to get stolen art removed from online site. These sites make profit on her work, while she is losing money fighting theft. You'll see how reprimanded stores re-post stolen art within 24 hours. It's not just the hours that are wearing. It's the emotional cost too....

What is the answer?? Education for fans and artists. 

Here's a quote from the article: "So, what can an art buyer do to make sure that their money goes to artists and not to people who have stolen work from the artists? Keck suggests that art buyers be wary of anything that looks suspicious. She urges consumers to buy directly from the artist themselves. Keck’s work is available on her website. Most artists have their own websites, and if they don’t and the platform looks questionable, Keck suggests to reach out to the artist to check if the sale is legitimate."

This story reinforces the lessons from other examples:

1) Buy directly from the artist or their approved sources.
2) Fans -- Notify artists of suspected art theft
3) Support artists --- don't just "like" them and share images. Pledge on Patreon pages. Buy their work.
4) Artists -- don't be shy about promoting your approved merchant sites... and sources like Patreon. Your WORK shared online is a crucial part of social media. Your WORK deserves credit and compensation.

Lots of small support from a large number of fans has a big impact for indie artists.

More art theft case studies and resources:

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