Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Santa Monica Book Fair Sept 11th & 12th 2010

Stuart spent all day Sunday at the Santa Monica bookfair. I joined him later in the afternoon. We were happy to see many of our friends and colleagues there including Scott Emerson, Mike Riley (Book Gallery), Dan Medart, Anne Hutchison & Bud Plant, Sam Hessel, Carl Blomgren, Edna & David Dunn, Craig & Patti Graham (Vagabond), Eric Kline and more. Here's Stuart visiting with Annette & Larry Hancks, who drove out from Kansas City, MO to exhibit. They specialize in Children's Illustrated and Young Adult books and brought lovely art books by Charles Van Sandwyck and signed books and prints by illustrator Tae-Eun Yoo. Lovely stuff. These and other dealers will be back in Feb 2011 for the Pasadena Show. Don't miss it!

Treasures everywhere you look at the book fair booths....

Here's the link for Bustamante shows, who put on these wonderful fairs:

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