Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SNB at Dream-Con Sept 21

On Tuesday 9/21, Stuart and I exhibited at Dreamworks Animation Studio's 3rd annual "Dream-Con" Art Festival. This is a private, in-house art and book show held on the studio campus. Dreamworks Animation hosts this event so their animation artists can view (and buy) each other's self-published projects (books, prints, etc). We were guests last year... just to mingle... but this year, the organizers invited us to exhibit. We had 2 tables and an array of titles from our showroom.

There are lots of warm memories for me whenever we get to visit a studio lot. (As some of you know, prior to my life with Stuart Ng Books, I worked in the feature film industry, including stints at Disney and Warner Bros.) Dreamworks Animation has a beautiful setting with courtyards and fountains. Our 2 tables were located right next to the cafeteria and the free buffet... good news and bad news, as we could see the food, but, as usual for us when we are selling books, we didn't get to eat. Thankfully, that's because we are busy chatting with all the nice folks who stop by to see the books! I tried to let Stuart get away from our table as much as possible. There was so much to see...books, original art, prints etc. all personal work by Dreamworks artists. The event was outdoors, and we had perfect weather too!

Many of the artists who stopped by our table didn't know about the amazing Art of Animals exhibition now going on right in their backyard at the charming free museum at Forest Lawn, Glendale. Hopefully, many of them will be able to check out that show.

Since the kind folks at Dreamworks Animation invited us to their house and offered us a unique opportunity.... we wanted to return the favor. At our table, we offered a special flyer on goldenrod paper. The flyer has a special offer on it.... to be used on any in-store purchase at our showroom for the next two weeks. If you're a Dreamworks artist and you missed out on Dream-Con and/or the flyer, we left a few with Angela. Our website includes area attractions in the South Bay, and a list of restaurants. There's a great Farmer's Market every Saturday only 3 miles from our showroom. We know it can see like a trek to get to Torrance, but it's not that far..... and it's a lot closer than France.

Being able to have Stuart and the books at an in-house event provided lots of benefits for the artists at Dreamworks. They enjoyed browsing the books and talking with Stuart right at their workplace. Hopefully we'll be able to do more of these sorts of things in the future.

What if we launched a "Stuart Ng Book(s)mobile?" Please let us know what you think. If you are an artist at a studio.... an instructor.... or a student... and you'd like a visit from the "Stuart Ng Book(s)mobile", send us an email at
Special thanks to our friends at Dreamworks Animation, especially Angela and Meghan, for a wonderful event and for making us feel so welcome!

Coming soon.... another signing at our showroom.... watch for details!

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