Monday, September 20, 2010

Pics from Sept 18th signing + new drawing board

Saturday 9/18 we hosted a signing with 4 artists (left to right):

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway is an animation character designer (Spectacular Spider-Man, Hellboy Animated) and comics artist (Wednesday Comics).

Ryan Benjamin is a comic book artist (Marvel, DC, and Wildstorm) and concept artist for Sony.

(Stuart's in the middle in the blue aloha shirt)

Jonboy Meyers is a comic book artist, trading card illustrator, and video game concept artist.

Ryan Odagawa is a comic book artist (Aspen/NBC Heroes online graphic novels, Marvel, Wildstorm, Sony).

Here are their books... you can read more on the "sketchbook"page of our website, where you can search for the books by the artist's last name:

Because we are still mostly a mail-order business, our showroom signings are really unique events. The artists are busy signing books for all the pre-ordered copies for our patrons around the world who can't get to Torrance.

For those who can attend the signings, there is usually ample time to talk one-on-one with the guests. Also, the artists get a chance to chat with each other while they are drawing. All of this gives our signings the atmosphere of an art "salon" -- where inspirational ideas , and industry insights, are exchanged. Saturday's topics included the art and artists that influenced the panelists.

Best of all... Ryan B., Ryan O., Jonboy and Sean inaugurated our new drawing board.
Here's a shot of our original board, which was started at our first showroom...

Since the drawing space on our brand new board was huge and open, each artist responded with a large drawing. It was amazing to watch them pencil, tinker, and then ink their contributions. The process became a bit of a "smack-down" with each artist raising the bar.... and there was the physical challenge for them too of drawing such a large sketch on a perpendicular surface. Try it sometime.. it's quite a workout!

Jonboy Meyers inking...

Ryan Benjamin just starting to ink over his red pencil version...

Ryan Odagawa inking ...

Sean Galloway... while working on this drawing he commented "They say you should draw with your whole arm... and you have to like this.."

Be sure to add your own sketch to our new board when you stop by!!!

Visit our showroom soon to see the results.... and remember the bonus opportunities our signings offer! Q&A... Tutorial... drawing demo.... AND a signed book :)

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