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Horse Show 2015 -- sketching paradise! More horse art reference (post 5 of 5)

This is a "preview" post of this year's horse show.. with links to blog posts on past shows.. and to horse artists on the blog...

One of the many reasons Stuart Ng Books is located in Torrance is the proximity to HORSES!! The rural enclave of Palos Verdes has a thriving equestrian community -- with miles of trails -- lots of riding stables -- all located right on the coast with ideal weather.. and just a few miles from SNB.
Over the years, I've enjoyed attending and promoting the annual Portuguese Bend National Horse Show. This charity event has been held for over 50 years by non-profit Peninsula Committee Children's Hospital (PCCH), an organization that raises funds for the benefit of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
This year's show will be held Friday Sept. 4th - Sunday Sept. 6th. Parking is free all 3 days. Admission is free on Friday -- there is a nominal admission fee on Sat and Sun. ALL proceeds at the show benefit Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
Here's a link for the schedule of events for this year's show: http://www.pcch.net/index.php/horseshow/
It's a family friendly event with TONS of amenities. -- Food! Games! Crafts! Petting Zoo! even a sports bar w/ TV ... and an outstanding sketching opportunity for artists.

Ernie Howlett Park is the site for this horse show:
There is a large, shaded, grassy knoll where you can sit for hours and sketch.  Here's the knoll on Friday...
And from a previous year on Sunday.. the most popular day at the show..
You can also get quite close to the horses and riders if you want.

Free parking for the event is in a lot across the street. From the parking area, the free shuttle bus takes you to show grounds at the park. The dirt parking lot for Ernie Howlett park is transformed into a temporary stable for the show horses....

The Portuguese Bend National Horse Show is a nationally ranked equestrian competition...

The $15,000 jump off is held on the Sunday of the show
The mid-day breaks on Saturday and Sunday showcase special guests like mounted police and hunt clubs. This year's guest list includes the Therapy Horses of Gentle Carousel  West: http://www.horse-therapy.org/gentle-carousel-west.html

All three days of the show you can enjoy the park-like setting, country-fair atmosphere, family friendly surroundings.. and support Children's Hospital Los Angeles..

Here's a view of the walkway to the show entrance...
Pick up your FREE show program at the Admission Tent...
The show program is Full Color this year ... and check out page 179!
Events like horse shows and county fairs aren't just quaint traditions.. they link us to our human history of companionship with large animals. Before planes, trains and automobiles.. we explored horizons on horseback. We painted equines on the walls of caves. Being around horses rekindles these connections.

My blog post "HORSE SHOW 2011 - PREVIEWS AND PICS FROM PREVIOUS SHOWS" from 9-6-11 has some of my favorite action shots of horses and examples of the attractions at this special event.

One of the most popular posts on the blog concerns artist Norman Thelwell.. this link also highlights 3 other equine artists: CW Anderson, Sam Savitt and George Ford Morris.

other posts with more on Morris and Anderson..
George Ford Morris   http://stuartngbooks.blogspot.com/2011/12/gift-of-inspiration-george-ford-morris.html
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SECRETARIAT(Sept 2010)  http://stuartngbooks.blogspot.com/2010/09/morning-brew-sept-28-big-red-arrives.html
 and THE BLACK STALLION (Oct 2010) http://stuartngbooks.blogspot.com/2010/10/secretariat-black-stallion-winner-is.html

For more links on horse info, see the "Your Guide to Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books" post.

If you visit the SNB showroom in Torrance this weekend....
You'll see the poster for the horse show.. right up front ..with the display for the famous Palomino brand "Blackwing" drawing pencils...http://stuartngbooks.com/palomino-blackwing-602-pencil-box-of-12-en.html

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