Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more Angouleme images

Here's Stuart on the move.... heading towards more tents. Unlike US conventions, there is no "convention center".... the festival is held inside tents which are set up throughout the town. This gives attendees the opportunity to visit the local cafes and see the town inbetween the tents.

The Angouleme "Halle" is the town marketplace.... it closes at 1PM, so you have to visit early in the day to see these amazing displays. This is the fishmonger... what you can't see here is the tank of live eels and crabs just on the other side

There are several fruit and vegetable stands. Also a cheese vendor and a bakery.

Here's Stuart in front of one of the fruit stands.... in his aloha shirt (in spite of January temps). Of course, all the interior spaces are heated, including the tents for the festival, but I promise you, no one else but Stuart peels off all the layers down to shirtsleeves!

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