Friday, February 13, 2009

Q & A and the Daily Brew 2/13/09, 1st pics of Angouleme

From Angouleme 2009....
Stuart and I ran into Pierre Alary several times at Angouleme. Here are Pierre and Stuart at the Soleil booth.... this publisher's booth is set up just like a disco... pitch black with revolving lights, video screens, and loud music. The artists are signing books in this environment, but as Pierre explained to us, he has to tell the fans that he can't really see the colors of his watercolors in this light, so the final drawing will be a surprise. Stuart is pictured above looking at originals from Pierre's portfolio.

We also were able to see the new Pierre Alary Comix Buro sketchbook... it's a beauty, but there is some overlap between this new book and our 2 Alary sketchbooks. We have ordered copies, in addition to a few copies that we were able to bring back with us from France. If you want to pick up a copy at WonderCon, get on the hold list now, as we have a very limited supply until the larger order arrives from France.

Stuart, with his book bag and backpack in tow, on a typical street in the city of Angouleme where the festival was held.

Stuart with part of a directional sign, pointing the way to "King of BD" (ha, ha).

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