Friday, February 13, 2009

Stuart with Ronnie, Enrico & Jim at Angouleme

The City Hall at Angouleme.... it's the castle-like building on the right. It's called the "Hotel de Ville" but it's not a hotel, it's a government building. The display at the left changes every year and features a different BD character. Last year it was Smurfs. Stuart's in the center of this picture, with a brown jacket and black backpack. Most of my pictures of him at Angouleme are shots of his back walking ahead of me on the street.

Here's a view of a typical Angouleme street, with bars, cafes & shops, and the large banner for the Festival tent at left.

Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa at the "top of the hill" we marched up every morning on the way to the main tents.

Stuart (far right) with Ronnie, Enrico, and story board artist Jim Mitchell.

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