Monday, July 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books 7/13

It's count down for Comic Con.... SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW POSTS W/ PICS OF FRENCH BOOKS! I will be adding more as time permits.
At Comic Con 2009 we will have our usual 5 booth space... find us booth # 5012.

You'll find the banner above at our Booth at Comic Con 2009:

And here's the booth from Comic Con 2008:

Besides the new French books, we have many other goodies we're bringing, including a selection of the New Arrivals that Peggy's been featuring on the websites.

We'll have signings at our booth with Peter de Seve, Eric Goldberg, and Greg Baldwin & Dave Guertin (the creators of Creaturebox).
We are publishing Eric Goldberg's sketchbook "Enjoy it While You Can, Kid", a collection of gag cartoons, which will debut at our booth.

We'll have a sneak peak at the stunning new Claire Wendling sketchbook, "Daisies" which is at the printers now.

The mission of this blog is to share the anecdotal information you get in person when you visit the showroom or our booth at conventions. The subjects I cover are the ones that come up most frequently when I talk with patrons & artists directly as part of my association with Stuart Ng Books.

New posts are not always in chronological order. Look for them by date and title.

If you are new to the blog, be sure to check the July posts for background info like FAQ about Stuart Ng Books (SNB), including that most FAFAQ: how to pronounce "Ng." I also use headlines for entries that appear throughout the blog. When you see titles like "POV shot," "Movie Night," "Get Inspired" etc., you can use these headlines to find similar topics.

Please remember that all the opinions expressed here are my own. I am not Stuart (that will become obvious... you'll see :) and he does not read this blog. These are my versions of events, and you can decide how valid my stories are.

A good friend of ours, David Leopold, was Al Hirschfeld's archivist. Hirschfeld lived to be 99. Hirschfeld was often interview by biographers because he was one of the few people still alive to talk about the historical events he himself had experienced, and the famous people he knew. A biographer once complained to David that Hirschfeld's stories didn't always have the dates right. David knew that. The point was, you didn't talk to Hirschfeld to fact check, you talked to Hirschfeld to get his stories. So maybe, like a near-centenarian, my first person account might not be the most accurate (or maybe it's my 30+ years of diabetes warping my brain). I'm still confident in the material I'm sharing with you on this blog... even when it's only my best recollection of the events.

Hopefully, reading this blog will enhance your own Stuart Ng Books experience. Please help me help you by posting your questions and comments. Aloha and thanks for visiting, amy


Parka said...

I was there yesterday. Took some photos of your booth as well. You can check them out at

Love your books. Especially those limited print sketch books.

aw said...

Hi Parka: thanks for your comment and sharing the pics here. We saw these online during the con as well. We have trouble taking as many pics as we would like during the show, so this is a big help for us and our friends who couldn't make it. a