Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some before and after images of the booth

One of the highlights of this year's con..... There's a LION COFFEE store coming soon to the corner of 1st and Market! They had a small stand out front and sold coffee from 7AM - 11AM. The store opens in August. Next time you're in San Diego, enjoy this taste of Hawaii! The store is an easy walk from the convention center, so you get some fresh air along with your java.

Here's what our booth looks like BEFORE we build our 50 foot book alley..

And AFTER... a grid with the rare Travis Charest Captn. America portfolio. We are the only US source for this French import and we hand carried these back from France. Also on view, a Shane Glines original:

Another BEFORE view... yep, we've moved all those boxes ourselves...

and AFTER... here's a row of Comix Buro sketchbooks and other french imports in flip boxes for easy viewing..

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