Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Greg Baldwin and Dave Guertin aka Creaturebox

Joining us for their first ever signing was the talented team of Greg Baldwin and Dave Guertin, creators of Creaturebox. If you aren't familiar with them... check out their website at www.creaturebox.com

Their first sketchbook sold out last year... and they debuted 2 new books at our booth for 2009. There was a line of fans waiting to meet and greet with these enthusiastic and talented designers. The signing was hosted by our friends at Flesk publications.

Greg (left) and Dave (right) provide a quick portfolio review for a fan...

The new books, Creaturebox 2 and Palindrone Robot Supply, are signed so the artist provided sketches.

Here are Greg and Dave with John Flesk and Stuart Ng Books colleague Darcy, who assists the artists for all our signings.

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