Sunday, July 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes of a french shipment 7/12

When we receive a French shipment, the pallets arrive on a truck. If we're lucky, the trucking service gets the message right, and the truck comes with a lift gate and a pallet jack, so we can off-load the pallets. When we're unlucky, the truck arrives without a lift gate, and we have to break open the pallets on the truck and off-load the books by hand one box at at time..

So kids... this was a lucky shipment... not to mention the fact that it arrived last week, and not 24 hours before our departure...

We break open the pallets, and books are taken out of the boxes. We check each book against inventory list and begin the processing of putting a price label and inventory number on each book. It's labor intensive at this end, but allows us to provide you better service when you browse the books at our booth. Here are some of the titles that arrived:

While the new French books are being inventoried and priced, Stuart is also hand selecting the out of print material that will come to the show. These are boxed and labeled so they can be unboxed in a specific order once we get to the booth.

We got 3 pallets with this shipment, and here's a pic of 2 of them emptied..

And then we get to do it sort of all over again at the convention center :)

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dallas said...

I've never seen a prettier sight. And it worked the way it was supposed to and not the way it shouldn't. Looks like a lot of work though. I don't envy you right now. ;)