Friday, May 23, 2014

Big Wow 2014 -- guests and wrap up (UPDATED 5/26 with links)

Here's what our booth looked like right before the show opened. 
You can find a complete selection of books carried by SNB at

We were lucky to have great neighboring exhibitors on both sides of our booth. Catching up with long time friends and colleagues like publisher John Flesk, artist and author Mark Schultz, and artist (and yoga fans:) Mike and Christine Mignola was a con highlight for me. 
During the show -- we were visited by a number of the guest artists. 
Below you can see Stuart with Nicolas Keramidas (center) and Francisco Hererra (right)

Here are two Keramidas books stocked at SNB:

And we have this Herrera box set on the website as well:

Another guest at Big Wow was artist Mathieu Lauffray -- known for his work in film and french comics:

Mathieu stopped by our booth -- here he's with a copy of one of our best sellers at the show, his "Axis Mundi"

Mathieu is best known here in the US for his concept art for films and for his art in the Long John Silver series of French comics

Another guest at Big Wow, Frank Pe, is known for his amazing animal art .... 
Here's Stuart visiting Frank's table at artist's alley

These two Frank Pe titles were brisk sellers at our booth:

After two fun days -- the work begins again when the show closes and it's time for exhibitors to move out. Thank goodness for our team of friends and family!!!

You would not believe how much work goes on behind the scenes ....

Our cashiering crew for this show: the amazing Chelsea and the marvelous Ty! Girl power everywhere -- like guest Jane Weidlin!

Big Wow is a fun show on a really reasonable scale -- you can do and see things here and now get trampled in the process. There's plenty of parking -- room in the aisles -- and you never know who you might catch next to you shopping at the booth :)

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