Friday, May 23, 2014

Walt Disney Family Museum a MUST SEE (UPDATED 5/29 with link to Deja View blog post and updated 5/26 w/ WDFM link & pics)

The Walt Disney Family Museum (WDFM) in San Francisco is a MUST SEE destination. Not only is it a state-of-the-art museum facility, with all the bells and whistles -- the location is stunning, serene, and reflective. In addition to the permanent collections on display, they offer amazing programming and special exhibits. We were there earlier this year for the opening of the Mary Blair show .. and returned to see the new Marc Davis exhibit (while we were in nearby San Jose for Big Wow). In every gallery, you not only see the development of the Disney company, but also information about what was going on with the Disney family during that same era. Here are some pics to give you a flavor of the place --- plan your own visit soon and allow lots of time!!! There's more to see than you might imagine. Cafe on-site is outstanding -- and there are all sorts of treasures in the Gift Shop. Find more info at their website:

These 4 pics are from the WDFM website:

The rest of the pics on this post are ones I took during our visit. A BIG PLUS for artists who visit here -- you can take photos (just turn off your flash).

 Storyboards were invented by Disney film making process

 Walt had a team of polo ponies...
 This display invites visitors to turn these triangles and learn more about the many artists who contributed to the classic Disney films and "look"
 beautiful concept art for Bambi
 old-school animation desk

 multi-plane camera...
 goodwill tour

 concept art  for Lady and the Tramp -- by EYVIND EARLE!!!

 Walt Disney had a fondness for miniatures and some of his collection is on display

 these were gifts to his daughters ....
 more miniatures ...
 on the upper floor -- there is an entire wall of window so you can look out on a billion dollar view of Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz!

 working model replica of Disneyland --

 quick pic at entrance to Marc Davis show

UPDATE 5/29 --- Here's link to post on terrific blog 'Deja View" by Andreas Deja -- his 5/28/14 post features actress and voice of animated "Malecifcent" Eleanor Audley -- as well as a pencil animation sequence by Marc Davis -- below is pic from Deja's blog post -- his lobby card signed by Davis and Audley!

Here's link to blog post:

The Walt Disney Family Museum is so state-of-the art it offers all sorts of recycling... honoring the past and an amazing legacy -- while thinking of the future ...

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