Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mark Kennedy post on Disney's Vance Gerry with pics of Gerry originals from our showroom

Sharing another artist's blog post .. this post by Mark Kennedy from his blog 'Temple of the Seven Golden Camels. His post link below features one of our all time favorites .. Vance Gerry.

In addition to his long career as a Disney storyboard and concept artist .. going back to the 101 Dalmatian days .. Vance was a prolific painter and had his own small press devoted to tiny books.

Here's the link to the Mike Kennedy blog post --- "Vance Gerry on Scale"

There is also a Vance Gerry Memorial Blog -- with more pics and stories:


And here are some Vance Gerry originals featured (and for sale) at our showroom:

The landscape above and portrait below are on the same piece of watercolor paper. He often painted  front to back ...

The lady in Green below is a painting that hung in Vance's home studio ..

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