Sunday, May 25, 2014

Frank Pe visits store, discovers inspiration from Terryl Whitlatch book, UPDATED 6/7/14 WITH PICS OF SKETCH HE LEFT ON SNB DRAWING BOARD!!!

UPDATE 6/7/14 - Scroll to end of post to see SURPRISE!!!

We were honored with a visit from artist Frank Pe, who stopped by the store before leaving the US. He was a guest at the recent Big Wow convention in San Jose -- and used some extra time in CA to see our local zoos and aquariums. Frank has seen most of the great zoos of the world -- and knows the names of most of the animals in English and German, as some of the best zoos are located where these languages are spoken! Who knew? It was delightful to show him our various animal art books in stock -- and to introduce him to animal artists he wasn't familiar with yet.

Frank's visit was yet another example of how the best artists are ALWAYS LEARNING -- and always drawing. You may feel you "can't draw" on some days -- but anyone can make the effort to learn more and draw more, and that's how you get better!

 Frank Pe -- one of the best animal artists working today -- was inspired by the work he saw in Terryl Whitlatch's book "Animals Real and Imagined." Listening to artists talk about the books and artists who impact their own work is SO INSTRUCTIVE!! It's a great way to learn how they see things and what they are looking for when it comes to reference material and new ways to explore their own art. Discussing art books and exhibits with other artists opens interesting doors to the creative process.

What fun it was to hear him in awe of her command of animal anatomy -- and marvel at the expressive life in her drawings. He was especially impressed by her unique ability to render drawings full of all sorts of scientific detail and yet also retain so much vitality and animation in each animal's character and expression. He appreciated her command of knowledge about so many very specific types of animals -- and all this from an artist who is renowned for his own animal art!

If you're a fan of animal art, we have a number of books available on this subject. Here's a link to more info on this particular book:


Aren't we lucky at SNB that many of our artist visitors leave a sketch on our drawing board! Frank added his big cat (Snow Leopard) right near Terryl Whitlatch's sketch of one of her favorite animals -- The White-Tailed Gnu (aka Black Wildebeest). All artist visitors from kids to pros have braved the board and left their drawing. Will YOU be next??

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