Monday, May 26, 2014

Get Inspired by learning from others -- Patchwork craft fair Long Beach and Natl Gallery Cassatt-Degas show

This post is a bit of a tangent (and is part of long dormant theme on the blog of posts titled 'Get Inspired')--- but got reminded myself so wanted to share it's important for artists to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE/STUDIO :)

You can learn so much from seeing other artists at work. So many artists spend too much time alone.Don't underestimate how collaboration with others --- and FRIENDSHIP -- is a an important way to replenish the creative "well" you need to draw on (no pun intended).

At invitation of my photographer friend Sarah, I got out of the house and into the sunshine of a glorious Southern California Sunday. (BTW -- Sarah is an amazing photographer --- check out her Facebook page
She also has a page on a particularly fun subject -- with 5,600 + likes ..

Hand so much fun walking around at the show (and being out in the sun) I even had to re-apply my sunscreen. In addition to lots of booths, there was also several acts with live music --- and food trucks!. Admission and parking were free. The setting was scenic Long Beach for one of the shows. Here's link to their website:

It was great to be part of the energy of artists there working in a variety of mediums. Here are booths/info on a few of the ones caught my eye ....

Squishies Felt Animals
 Scarlett Glass
 Paper Wilderness

Here are some goodies I got ---
Loved the cards and book themed items from the gift shop of LA Library ...

Another item of interest with this theme comes from Sunday 5/25/14 Los Angeles Times. Terrific article by Stanley Meisler about "Degas/Cassatt" exhibit on view at National Galley of Art through Oct 5th. There are 70 paintings and prints in the show -- 1/3 are from the Natl Gallery collection -- exploring the artistic influence these two friends had on each others work. Read the article here:

Some images from the article and the show:
"Little Girl in a Blue Armchair" Cassatt 1878

Degas sketch of Cassatt and her sister
"Mary Cassatt at the Louvre" Degas circa 1879
 Degas "Visit  to the Museum" (Mary Cassatt and her sister Lydia)

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