Sunday, October 19, 2008

magical creature & Featured French book 10/19

Here's a pic of the new magical creature on staff here at SNB.... and some images from one of my favorite books... it's about a little fox (resemblances to our staff member are coincidental :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our drawing wall at SNB Showroom

If you're in the Southern California area, please come visit us at our showroom in Torrance. We are open most Saturdays from noon to 4PM and 7 days a week by appointment. In addition to the many items on line, we have LOTS of items in stock at the showroom that we don't have on the website. And you never know who will show up! Everyone who visits is welcome to add a sketch to our drawing wall. Here are some images from your fellow patrons who've stopped by. Torrance is only a few miles from the beach... the weather is lovely, there are lots of fun restaurants and attractions.. and it's closer than France :)

A map of your SNB world

At long last, here are some pictures of the postcard project...
As some of you know, I launched the postcard project last year to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the SNB Showroom. Since then, patrons from across the US and around the world have sent postcards. These postcards share the many places around the world our art books travel to inspire our colleagues. If your country isn't represented yet, please feel free to send your postcard! You can share a scene from your area, or send a card from a museum or exhibit that inspired you.