Thursday, June 16, 2022

SNB 25th Anniversary -- Sale announced on Stuart's email newsletter (6.16.22)

Sorry for the lack of blog posts in May 2022. My eye surgery had some complications. Recovery going well, so I'm glad to be back...


It's the 25th Anniversary of SNB. Stuart is celebrating with a sale -- announced first on his email newsletter. The sale ends June 26th.

You can sign up for the newsletter via this link on the SNB website:

SNB began in the pre-internet age. When niche indie bookstores abounded. It was all about book lovers with mom and pop operations. Book scouting in person to find rare gems. Hand selling books to collectors. SNB started as a mail order operation with a printed catalog! Then book fairs and conventions. Then a first storefront. We've been at the current location for over 10 years. Thanks to the support of artists and patrons.. SNB survived the internet tsunami that wiped out many indies, and even chains of bookstores. SNB continues to thrive. Great plans ahead, including the ongoing search for a location in Burbank...

 (Below are the Claire Wendling art books published by Stuart Ng Books -- photo by Paul Choy)

 Here are the details about the Anniversary sale, directly from Stuart's newsletter. It's a bit complicated due to shopping cart software issues related to bundling books for greater discounts.... You can always email or phone the store for help. --

"2022 is the 25th Anniversary of Stuart Ng Books. Amy and I started this business in October 1997 and our first exposure to the public was when we exhibited for the first time at the Burbank Antiquarian Book Fair (at the Burbank Airport Marriott) in November 1997. The following year, we exhibited at our first San Diego Comic-Con. Next month, we exhibit at our 24th SDCC. Who'd a thunk it?!

Father's Day is near and we can say that this sale is my gift to all the fathers. Enjoy!

We need to make some room! We have six pallets of French Imports arriving in July, a pallet of The Art of Ron Cobb in August, AND people keep offering me their collections. So it comes to mind--we need to make room for all this new stock!

Save 20% Off During Our Storewide Sale!

Welcome to our first sale in three years!

This is a progressive sale! The more items you buy, the bigger your discount!

Everything on our website is included in this sale!

New Arrivals are excluded from the lower tiers of the sale, but nothing is held back at the top tier!

We are rewarding you for filling your cart with books. The more items you buy, the bigger your discount!

Order 3 to 5 items and get 10% off the listed prices.

Order 6 to 8 items and get 15% off the listed prices.

Order 9 or more items and get 20% off the listed prices.

Order 12 or more items to unlock 20% off everything on our website!

The Sale Ends Sunday, June 26th.

How the sale works:

Order 3 to 5 items* and get 10% off the listed prices.

Order 6 to 8 items* and get 15% off the listed prices.

Order 9 to 11 items* and get 20% off the listed prices.

* New Arrivals excluded! Everything else on the website is Included!

NOTE: For the discount to appear, your Shopping Cart cannot include any New Arrivals. Sorry but that's just the way the software works!


Order 12 Items or More and you unlock the New Arrivals and receive 20% off ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE!

Ordering 3-11 items during the Sale...

I know it's a drag but if your Shopping Cart includes even one New Arrival, then the software removes the discount.

If you have items currently in your shopping cart and you see "Save 10% on 3-5 Items!" in the "Applied promotions" box, You are good to go! Place your order and enjoy!

However, if you have 3 or more items in your cart and you do not see "Save 10% on 3-5 Items!" in the "Applied promotions" box, or if you do NOT see an "Order discount" applied, then you have one (or more) New Arrivals in your Shopping Cart.

You will need to remove the New Arrival(s) from your Shopping Cart. Then, your order discount will appear below your subtotal and you can check out!

OR keep adding till you get 12 items in your cart! Once you have 12 items in your cart, New Arrivals are also 20% off!

If you need help placing your order or identifying which item(s) in your cart is a New Arrival, please contact us.

You can also place your order by phone. Call 310-909-1929 between the hours of 11am-6pm PST seven days a week.

We are happy to assist you. Just email or call us.

If you wish to order any New Arrivals, You may order them separately and we will combine your orders and your shipping charges.

You can use the shipping Method "Do Not Ship - Hold and consolidate" for one of your orders and add a note that you want to combine a Sale Order and a New Arrival Order.

Order 12 Items or More and all restrictions are lifted! Receive 20% off ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE!

Explore the site and enjoy our sale! Thanks for your support over the last 25 years! We hope to keep it up for another 25 years!"

For you blog readers.. here are some fun photos..

Stuart at WonderCon

Stuart spotted "in the field" -- bookscouting at an open-air book fair in Paris, Feb 2016. Photo by longtime friend and mentor Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.

The SNB storefront in Torrance... at this location for over 10 years now...

The heart of the store is the shipping area.. Where stalwart staff member Jim handpacks orders to keep books safe and clients happy...

How many of the books arrive.. pallets that have to be hand unpacked... inspected.. and sadly, many books returned due to damage in shipment...

It was the Wendling book Desk that launched Stuart's long friendship with this iconic artist.. his annual trips to France to see her.. and few trips here to Torrance for Claire (who loves So Cal).

The cover of "Desk" -- the book contains sketches Wendling did on her personal time during the year in the 1990s that she lived in Los Angeles. She was recruited to work at WB animation...

Photos by Paul Choy from Wendling's 2015 visit to the SNB Torrance store...

Claire with longtime SNB friend and former store manager, Mary.