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SNB 25th Anniversary -- Sale announced on Stuart's email newsletter (6.16.22)

Sorry for the lack of blog posts in May 2022. My eye surgery had some complications. Recovery going well, so I'm glad to be back...


It's the 25th Anniversary of SNB. Stuart is celebrating with a sale -- announced first on his email newsletter. The sale ends June 26th.

You can sign up for the newsletter via this link on the SNB website:

SNB began in the pre-internet age. When niche indie bookstores abounded. It was all about book lovers with mom and pop operations. Book scouting in person to find rare gems. Hand selling books to collectors. SNB started as a mail order operation with a printed catalog! Then book fairs and conventions. Then a first storefront. We've been at the current location for over 10 years. Thanks to the support of artists and patrons.. SNB survived the internet tsunami that wiped out many indies, and even chains of bookstores. SNB continues to thrive. Great plans ahead, including the ongoing search for a location in Burbank...

 (Below are the Claire Wendling art books published by Stuart Ng Books -- photo by Paul Choy)

 Here are the details about the Anniversary sale, directly from Stuart's newsletter. It's a bit complicated due to shopping cart software issues related to bundling books for greater discounts.... You can always email or phone the store for help. --

"2022 is the 25th Anniversary of Stuart Ng Books. Amy and I started this business in October 1997 and our first exposure to the public was when we exhibited for the first time at the Burbank Antiquarian Book Fair (at the Burbank Airport Marriott) in November 1997. The following year, we exhibited at our first San Diego Comic-Con. Next month, we exhibit at our 24th SDCC. Who'd a thunk it?!

Father's Day is near and we can say that this sale is my gift to all the fathers. Enjoy!

We need to make some room! We have six pallets of French Imports arriving in July, a pallet of The Art of Ron Cobb in August, AND people keep offering me their collections. So it comes to mind--we need to make room for all this new stock!

Save 20% Off During Our Storewide Sale!

Welcome to our first sale in three years!

This is a progressive sale! The more items you buy, the bigger your discount!

Everything on our website is included in this sale!

New Arrivals are excluded from the lower tiers of the sale, but nothing is held back at the top tier!

We are rewarding you for filling your cart with books. The more items you buy, the bigger your discount!

Order 3 to 5 items and get 10% off the listed prices.

Order 6 to 8 items and get 15% off the listed prices.

Order 9 or more items and get 20% off the listed prices.

Order 12 or more items to unlock 20% off everything on our website!

The Sale Ends Sunday, June 26th.

How the sale works:

Order 3 to 5 items* and get 10% off the listed prices.

Order 6 to 8 items* and get 15% off the listed prices.

Order 9 to 11 items* and get 20% off the listed prices.

* New Arrivals excluded! Everything else on the website is Included!

NOTE: For the discount to appear, your Shopping Cart cannot include any New Arrivals. Sorry but that's just the way the software works!


Order 12 Items or More and you unlock the New Arrivals and receive 20% off ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE!

Ordering 3-11 items during the Sale...

I know it's a drag but if your Shopping Cart includes even one New Arrival, then the software removes the discount.

If you have items currently in your shopping cart and you see "Save 10% on 3-5 Items!" in the "Applied promotions" box, You are good to go! Place your order and enjoy!

However, if you have 3 or more items in your cart and you do not see "Save 10% on 3-5 Items!" in the "Applied promotions" box, or if you do NOT see an "Order discount" applied, then you have one (or more) New Arrivals in your Shopping Cart.

You will need to remove the New Arrival(s) from your Shopping Cart. Then, your order discount will appear below your subtotal and you can check out!

OR keep adding till you get 12 items in your cart! Once you have 12 items in your cart, New Arrivals are also 20% off!

If you need help placing your order or identifying which item(s) in your cart is a New Arrival, please contact us.

You can also place your order by phone. Call 310-909-1929 between the hours of 11am-6pm PST seven days a week.

We are happy to assist you. Just email or call us.

If you wish to order any New Arrivals, You may order them separately and we will combine your orders and your shipping charges.

You can use the shipping Method "Do Not Ship - Hold and consolidate" for one of your orders and add a note that you want to combine a Sale Order and a New Arrival Order.

Order 12 Items or More and all restrictions are lifted! Receive 20% off ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE!

Explore the site and enjoy our sale! Thanks for your support over the last 25 years! We hope to keep it up for another 25 years!"

For you blog readers.. here are some fun photos..

Stuart at WonderCon

Stuart spotted "in the field" -- bookscouting at an open-air book fair in Paris, Feb 2016. Photo by longtime friend and mentor Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.

The SNB storefront in Torrance... at this location for over 10 years now...

The heart of the store is the shipping area.. Where stalwart staff member Jim handpacks orders to keep books safe and clients happy...

How many of the books arrive.. pallets that have to be hand unpacked... inspected.. and sadly, many books returned due to damage in shipment...

It was the Wendling book Desk that launched Stuart's long friendship with this iconic artist.. his annual trips to France to see her.. and few trips here to Torrance for Claire (who loves So Cal).

The cover of "Desk" -- the book contains sketches Wendling did on her personal time during the year in the 1990s that she lived in Los Angeles. She was recruited to work at WB animation...

Photos by Paul Choy from Wendling's 2015 visit to the SNB Torrance store...

Claire with longtime SNB friend and former store manager, Mary.

Your Guide to BTS at SNB – Start here to use this blog (6.16.22)

   Start here to learn how to use this blog..... You are about to explore SNB adventures from my (Amy's) perspective ... Stuart's website links to this blog, but Stuart does NOT write these posts. This "Your Guide" posts updates monthly.

For the latest news on Stuart Ng Books, you can follow SNB on Facebook or Twitter. To receive Stuart's email newsletter (with lots of exclusive offers) use this link from the SNB website:
For info on ordering books, and a website chock full of our extensive inventory, start at the homepage for  SNB:

Welcome to the realm of Bride of Bookseller. The posts are all written by me. This blog exists to educate and entertain by sharing resources that can benefit artists.

It takes talent and commitment to thrive as an indie artist. But it also takes balance and fitness. No one talks to artists about this truth: You have to be well enough.. physically.. mentally..emotionally...financially... to get your work done. At the same time, so many artists struggle with chronic conditions that impact their productivity. No wonder artists are stressed. Many posts on the blog here offer possible solutions.... and celebrate the traits all the best artists share: (button below from Alaska Robotics
Scroll down this "Your Guide" post  and you'll discover background on the blog (SNB and BTS backstory)....

The sidebar has these expanded topics....





Like Wilson Park! With its wheelchair and stroller accessible tree house. The Farmers Market on Tuesday and Saturday Mornings. Tons of family friendly amenities.



(includes posts on DreamCon; LA Printer's Fair; Tim Burton exhibiton at LACMA in 2011)



For the origin of the SNB logo, see this post:

Stuart Ng Books is very small business in Torrance, CA. Our niche is books on illustration, animation and comic art. Our wonderful, loyal patrons are artists, students and collectors in these fields.
We started in the genteel era of hands-on bookselling, before the internet. We were mentored by colleagues, some of whose stores folded under the pressures from Amazon. We weathered the transition to websites. Stuart worked hard to build a brand in this tough business environment.  Our bookstore started as a printed mail-order catalog. I say "our" bookstore because it was just the two of us for years. We had a book room in the house for inventory. The dining room table was the packing station for mail orders. I was the voice on the phone, processed orders, and schlepped boxes to the post office. But it's called Stuart Ng Books for a reason. Once the books started earning their way and moved into a store location, I was ready to segue into BTS (behind-the-scenes) mode.

Sales are still mostly mail order. Stuart ships books all over the world.  In addition to our website and Torrance store location, we sell books at conventions and the occasional special event expo or festival. Scroll down for links for convention appearances. Here are two examples of expos/festivals:

Stuart is a man on a mission. He is always on the job: in constant search for great books and artists. He is known for discovering treasures during his annual trip to France to attend the festival in Angouleme, Europe's largest comic art convention. He doesn't speak or read French; he selects his inventory strictly for the art. He's the visual one. I'm more verbal. I took some French lessons... so now I can try to talk with people there (and order more than a ham and cheese sandwich at the cafes).
When Stuart launched the business full-time in 1997, we had no idea we would become a world-wide resource for books in our field. When I married Stuart... a LONG time ago.. I had no idea I would also be marrying a small business (we didn't meet in business school.... but that's another story). Where we find ourselves now, all these years later, is a creative place that keeps us both engaged with artists. Stuart Ng Books has exhibited at San Diego Comic Con for over 20 years. For 2020, Stuart planned to open a retail location in Burbank. He’ll resume the search for the ideal spot once conditions allow -- so if you have any suggestions, please contact him directly.
Our patrons seek out Stuart at conventions and online. They buy books from him because his "eye" and expertise are a bonus they value. Part of the fun of Stuart Ng Books is how we get to facilitate connections and inspiration. We get to see the artistic process in action. We steward the passing of cherished books from the reference libraries of artists who are masters in their field into the hands and creative spirit of a next generation. I try to remind us of all this on the days when our "What is the Matrix" question haunts us: Can a little book business survive in the internet age? Stay tuned ....
I started my blog in 2008 as a way to share topics I discussed with friends and patrons who visited us at conventions. I also use the blog to share trips to exhibits and shows we attend that artists might find inspiring.
See "FAQ," "Stewardship" and "Legacy Books" for posts about bringing YOU the benefits of a devoted rare bookseller in world where mom and pop bookstores are themselves becoming endangered!
HELLO WORLD -- 120+ and counting
For a complete list of the 122 countries that have visited the blog, check out this Aug 11, 2011 post: "Hello World.." And one final stat -- as of February 2020, the blog has tallied over 500,000 all-time page views.

Your Guide to BTS – 1) Indie Art Life, Artist Rights and Self-Care Tips (6.16.22)

  Here is Your Guide to Behind the Scenes at SNB #1



NFTs --- Future for art, or current version of 1630s Tulip craze cautionary tale?

This April 2021 post is where I'm collecting case studies on NFTs as well as resources that explain them.

(became effective January 2020)

This January 2020 post is where I update links and info on AB5 (updated 5.17.21)

CASE ACT (Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act )
UPDATE January 2021 -- This is the Bill has become a federal law. Read all about it here: 
(images below from the Graphic Artists Guild)

Several posts here on the blog explaining the CASE Act Bill, as well as links to other sources.

This January 2021 link from Copyright Alliance has FAQ on how CASE Act Small Claims court will work, and when it will start:


It was around July 2014 that I started posting frequently about Copyright Protection for images posted online. My artist friend Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings
had become a target for outrageous levels of art theft. This included an impostor in the UK who downloaded Lili's dog images, flipped them, painted them on canvases adding painted dog collars with actual rhinestones on them, then sold them at art fairs and even a gallery! The gal ended up on a British TV show bragging about her successful business. Lili's fans alerted her -- a great example of how an educated, loyal, invested fan base is the front line for fighting art theft. Even more vital: Lili registers her copyrights. It was a long, expensive, frustrating fight to watch my friend go through. The gallery was appalled at the impostor and kicked her out. The impostor went into hiding. It became a dead end for Lili (and the expensive UK lawyers she had to hire). Lili has won successful settlements since then, but is still fighting art theft. I see how exhausting it is. This waste of artist time and resources, not to mention livelihood, inspired my activism. So I started learning more and posting more. Since 2015, I've subscribed to an intellectual property legal service that allows me to schedule phone consultation appointments. It's an investment I make on behalf of the blog. I want to post info that's as accurate as possible given that many of these issues are fluid with new laws in the works. I use this source to fact check my own IP questions directly with an IP attorney. More on the service here:

My blog post links below share resources and case studies on unauthorized commercial use of artist-owned images for profit by others:
Also see blog post from June 11, 2016 with FREE infographics by Lili Chin on copyright 101
Lili's infographics are available as free downloads on  her link:

Lili Chin won a settlement against Kohls when the retail giant stole her artwork.

This Oct 2016 post has background info on this groundbreaking legal case in the fight against art theft:
This post also has links for the infamous case Lili suffered in 2013 with the UK art thief.
Lili's suit against Kohl's settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

Important info on blog post  "Fan Art -- Playground or Minefield." Includes link to video clip of panel on IP. This post on the grey areas of Fan Art is also updated.

case studies and taking action

This "Combat Art Theft" post compiles case studies and how artists are fighting back. There is a dangerous culture of tolerated piracy when it comes to online art. This. Must. Stop. Links on this post explain the risks.. and offer solutions.

Loyal fans alerting artists are the front line of defense against art theft. Artists educating fans about creative rights helps curb counterfeiting... (chart below by Ginger Davis Allman -- more info in these links --

August 2019 posts with insights from industry pros about the damage done to artists at all levels when art is undervalued..


The long trauma of 2020 impacted everyone. 2021 continues to bring many self-care challenges. Please be mindful of your mental, emotional and physical health. 
Artists and other indie creators must be well to work -- they are the only ones who can do their jobs. You can't do your best from a place of unwellness.

Use the internet and social media wisely. Share facts, not fear. Always SIFT before sharing.
Fact-check/Find corroborating stories on credible sites.
Trace posts back to original context/media. 

The SIFT system was coined by Mike Caufield, a digital literacy expert at Washington State University. 
Please check out more SIFTing tips here:

There are 15 Posts for April 2020 on the blog regarding COVID-19. Here's link for #1 of 15 of the April posts:
The 15 posts in April include links for indie artist funding resources (post #s 3-5) , DIY disinfecting tips, post #7) links for credible, science-based sites to find the latest on Covid (post #s 12-14). Post #s 9-11 have oodles of online links with family friendly sites like links to zoo and aquarium live cams, as well as tips for home office and self-care survival tools. 

I'm leaving the March 2020 posts in tact with the announcement that they are untouched from 3.31.2020, but are valuable as a record of information we  had available as the crisis hit.

Info graphic below from Compound Interest

I also post links for resources regarding Art and Anxiety. This includes tips on how to communicate the value of your work!.

Link below is for Tumbler post by (gal artist .. just saying :)  C.Spike Trotman. The gem below is just one of the panels from the Tumbler post explaining steps to success for indie artist life ....
The link hasn't been active for awhile... but I'm leaving it here as a record and in case it revives somewhere else. Meanwhile, here's the link for the book form of this terrific comic about indie art survival:

More "art has value" on this post on how to turn a charity request into a paying job ...

Lots here on the blog for artist health -- physical, emotional, financial....
Graphic above by Patternson Clark...

"PSA on Killer Chairs" post on dangers of too much chair time for anyone with a desk job .. and tips to help fight the effects of damage to posture and hand and wrists

In 2015 I launched a series of posts to share stretches and restorative options for Artists and others whose work demands long hours of sitting. These simple exercises will help undo the strain on back, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Posts feature stills and video with certified yoga instructor Simone, who gives helpful workshops at the SNB showroom for crew and colleagues. Simone's Facebook page also offers links to online tutorials she finds and recommends:
Always consult your own doctor before beginning any fitness routine.
Here are links for "Yoga for Artists" lessons on the blog:
Lesson #2 - Upper Body Stretches using Chair, Wall and Blocks

Indie artists struggle to either absorb shipping and handling costs or factor them into their prices. Customers have been indoctrinated into the myth of Free Shipping. What is that really costing all of us?

I will always advocate for using tutorials to monetize your online art. Educate followers so they can grow with you as supporters.
Art below by Catherine Scartaccini

Documenting your creative process engages followers. It's also a great way to make your artWORK work for you. You're going through the steps already. You're taking the time.. and spending your resources... to document them. They are perfect to make multi-purpose. Monetize them. Never undervalue your time, talent and effort. Art life requires art work that is compensated.

So many artists posts these valuable tutorials for free. Why not share a few, but then use these sorts of posts to move followers to platforms where they can find more by supporting your art life on Patreon or with Ko-fi.  
Art below by Hannah Stiles, Ainigmati Studios

The internet has been a game changer, but recently I've heard professional artists, executives, instructors and collectors concerned about the growing trend of mediocrity. The easy access to so many versions of familiar images and subject matter means that everyone's art starts to look the same. Imitation is the death of growth. Don't copy other artists work, tweak it a bit, and call it your own. That's fine for practice in your sketchbook, but it's no way to build a brand and audience of your own.
 If you want to reach the next level, get away from the screen. Go in person to look at original art. Attend events that lend themselves to sketching. Visit the zoo, aquarium, museums. Look back in books and at libraries to see what artists were doing generations ago. These are habits the exceptional artists share. Disney legend artist Andreas Deja is a prime example of this. His highly educational blog shares treasures from his personal collection of art by past artists who have inspired him.  My blog post on his wire sculptures shows his work, an artist that inspires him, and links to his blog:
Art history in all genres can expand your own visual vocabulary. Here are some posts that showcase art inspiration from icons of the past, or activities that inspire sketching... 

Icons to study...

activities to sketch and study anatomy